Boozle Bear

This, is a boozle bear.

He’s made by the Hydrocephalus Association, and used to teach young children about what they have, and what is done to them when they have revisions done.

This, is Boozle’s shunt. Boozle comes with simple instructions on how to ‘install’ his shunt. Think of it as a crash course in Teddy Bear Neurosurgery!

Here is the shunt, mid “operation.” The flap in the back of Boozle’s head is velcro, and easy to access. You attach the shunt to a piece at the top, then thread it through his head, to a hole in the front of his “abdomen”.

All in all, it’s a pretty cool thing to have. I’m 24, and loving it. He’s adorable!! Considering volunteering to assemble these bears… but I think the sewing is a bit above my skill level…

More info on purchasing, and volunteering to assemble Boozle Bears can be found on the Hydrocephalus Association‘s website.


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