Sneak peek at a Ted Dekker book!

Well. Ok. So it’s not MY sneak peek. But still!

I guess they gave out copies of Ted’s latest manuscript to people willing to provide feedback and the like, (how I missed that memo, I have NO idea. Note to self: Find Kevin Kaiser’s blog, and subscribe!) Also, at a meet and greet the author did this year, I guess he gave out copies to a few people. I don’t know details, but again, Matt and I were going to go, but then decided not to… (Yet another mental kick to myself.. ha)

But anyway. I was browsing Ted’s online message board the other day, and saw someone had posted a link to an excerpt from the book on WordPress!

Then, I find out the guy has a Forest Guard themed blog… so being the nerd I am, I immediately subscribed.

And, am linking to his post, so you guys can check it out as well. I’m beyond excited for the book to come out!

Click here to go read it! (link goes to another WordPress blog. Promise. No Phishing here. )


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