How was your weekend?


I know I’m kinda asking for it by living in Oklahoma… but wow. Seriously? The heat this weekend was ridiculous. Practically all triple digits!!!

Which, would not have been so bad if there hadn’t been a RadioRadio show Saturday night. Matt  and I met them up at the club for soundcheck around 4… and man. I made friends with the bartender that day, making water runs for everyone.

The actual concert that night wasn’t quite as bad, no sun glaring down, but it was still pretty terrible. At first, there was hardly anyone there… then as the night went on, more and more people started to show up.

It was surprisingly a pretty good show! No one (that I know of) walked away with heat stroke, and it seemed like most people there were having a good time.

Sunday was kind of a lazy day. Slept through church, (oops?) then pretty much hung out and watched the Golden Girls during lunch. Had some friends over later, but it was pretty much a lazy day. Which, I won’t lie, is always a nice thing to have.

Now, unfortunately, it’s back to the typical work week. I’m trying to think if anything exciting is happening this week. I managed to talk Matt into doing this couples devotional with me- it’s called  The Love Dare.

I haven’t done any devotionals before (bible study yes, devo, no.) and I don’t believe he has either, so this should be interesting.  The first section we read was all about patience and all. The “challenge” or “dare,” is not to say anything negative to each other”.

Sounds really silly at first… but if you think about it, could be challenging.  What would be considered negative? How would you find other ways to word it?  And already, I’m thinking this is tailor-made for me. I tend to have a problem with patience sometimes… and I for SURE am pretty high strung. Which isn’t a good thing. Just hasn’t been an easy habit for me to break. Maybe this will help!!

Anyway. I should get off here and go shower, get ready to head over to my Mom’s house. I told her I’d take her and my niece and nephew to the library and the Farmers Market today. It’s….. looking to be a hectic day.

(Pst. God? Now’s a good time to send some of that patience my way!!)


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