Man. More espresso would definitely *not* be a bad thing.

Wow. K. It’s 8 am, and WAY to early to be awake and functioning.

We had our niece and nephew (Treisha and Killian) stay the night with us last night… and of course, they’re at the age where it’s “sooo awesome” to stay up as late as possible, but they still have it ingrained that they need to wake up at 7 to watch cartoons.

Which, is null and void at our house — since we don’t have cable. :\

Usually, I’m up with the kids at 7, but I got away with sleeping in till 8 this morning. (When 8 is sleeping in, there’s something wrong. Really. )

And then later today, we’re taking them out to the park to play with their new friend Sofia and her mom. They met the other day when we went to the Owasso Museum, the kids hit it off pretty well. Was surprising, since she’s a few years younger than Trish and Killian. (We even think Killian has a little crush on Sofia. Granted…at this age, give it a day, and it’ll be gone.;) )

Definitely need some coffee.  Tea kinda sounds better at the moment, just… doesn’t have the caffeine boost that I’m gonna need today!


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