So… Really, I have a good excuse for not blogging…

Well, for today anyway.

Coming down with something. Have the sore throat, fever, headache… Ugh.

Basically, it’s down to deciding between trying to go to the doctor Friday… or just go the easy route, and do the Urgemt Care.  (Well, only easy if you ignore the fact that it’s SO far from the house… and oh, right. The whole co-pay thing…)

But I’ve really been meaning to hop on here. Believe it or not, there’s actually been stuff to write about.  I let myself get sucked into the world of DC Comics (oh lord, help me. The topic even came up in our Hydrocephalus group meeting. A few others were into comics as well… ), still in the process of learning to play bass, (on this amazing, very pretty bass, that I drooled over for about a month, then finally got it– more on that later. ) and there was something else…. but I’m a little fuzzy at the moment. 😦  OH! The pretty new espresso machine we’re saving to get!  Yes, yes. Although I don’t remember why I wanted to write about it now. Maybe I’m thinking that the more I talk about it…. the more likely it is to happen? (Hey. Don’t knock it. That bass guitar I wrote about? Yeah. I decided it was “my” bass guitar, after playing it once, and hearing our friend who owned it was thinking of getting a new one. A month later, it actually is mine.. So… it works, yes? Yes.)

I’m pretty excited. Bedtime is soon, thank you Tylenol PM!!!   I’ve been a zombie most of the day, even with the help of coffee, Excedrin, soup and 60 oz of orange juice. (Yup. Downed a whole bottle of the generic Simply Orange in just a couple hours. … That was probably a little much vitamin C, but eh. )

My husband even made me dinner, and put Lilo and Stitch on for me. And I still feel miserable. 😦  It probably doesn’t help that he’s kissed me/drank after me yesterday. So, I kinda feel bad he was so sweet, and now I’m pretty sure he’s going to catch it — if he hasn’t already.

And, to top it all off- I’m supposed to work in the church nursery tomorrow. 😦

Looks like I’ll be calling around to some people. Cause I really, really doubt being around little ones is the best idea right now.

OK. Bed’s calling.  Be back soon with a legit, non-scatterbrained update …. or at least something mildly entertaining….

EDIT: Ok. This post was a lot of babble. So…. to actually put something interesting in. Go read my friend’s blog about these espresso/latte flavored candies. They look absolutely amazing. Mmm…


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