It’s a little depressing.

Was on my way to grab lunch yesterday, when I drove past the old Nordaggio’s coffee shop, in the Owasso Smith Farm shopping center.

It’s been closed for a while, but lately they’ve been doing things in it- getting it ready for whoever the new tenant would be.

Pretty depressing to see it leased out, my husband and I had thrown around the idea of opening a coffee shop in the building. Granted, it might not have been the best idea, considering there was a Starbucks nearby, it’d just require some careful thought/marketing/ etc. You know, see where they went wrong in how the dealt with the competition, and try to guess/plan out what would work better…

Really, it was a beautiful space. (Especially when they had Christmas decorations up!) Gorgeous fireplace, all wood floors, some rock work all over, big pretty counter/bar…

And it’s all completely torn out. Even the wood floor — that’s now mostly tile. It’s now the new home to “Mattress Firm,” complete with a little red company car parked outside.

A mattress store? The space has a drive through for goodness sakes. Isn’t that prime real estate for at least a food establishment? Anything but a mattress store. Geez.

And it’s not my normal attitude at all. But I’ll admit there was a little part of me that wanted to go up and just kick the little red and white  “Mattress Firm” car sitting outside. And I’d like to think it was all my wonderful morals that kept me from doing it, and not the people milling about inside, and out of the soon-to-be mattress store, that kept me from doing so. (That, and the still-hot queso from Baja Jacks waiting in the car for me ) .

It’s just so depressing! I practically lived at this place, once it opened. I waited a year for it to open, (very patiently too, I might add.) Had some of the best conversations I’ve ever had there. (Including a friend who always asked “how my heart was” .)

I got sent home from work the day my dad died, for being a wreck.. and before going home, I went there, to pull it together.  Spent a good 4 hours there, actually, snacking on the staff’s Christmas cookies, slow dancing with a friend across the wood floor, and ooohing and aaahing over all the latte art that went out that day. (Not to mention, that’s where all the kids/teenagers ended up AFTER the funeral. I think the espresso is one of the only reasons I was able to make it through those few days.

I don’t even know the right combination of words to string together to explain this. I’m not special though.  I imagine it’s how anyone would feel if a childhood haunt or something of equal value was being torn down/replaced.  It’s such a sucker punch though — a mattress store?  (The predecessor to that, Owasso’s other “actual” coffee shop…. closed down, and is now Andolini’s. I can’t win!)

So this, coupled with reading a  blog post from Daily Shot Of Coffee yesterday…. (though an interesting read) made for a depressing day yesterday.

And of course, all I have around here, is push button, automated coffee shops (ala S*Bux & Panera) to try and get a quick-pick-me-up. My kingdom for some latte art, conversation, and a porcelain mug…


2 thoughts on “It’s a little depressing.

  1. josi says:

    i wondered if they would ever bring back the coffee shop that is andolini’s now. 😦 i request one wedged in right next to cherry berry and i would never leave.

  2. Tina says:

    No kidding!

    I saw that lady when I worked at Subway, actually. I didn’t recognize her at first!

    Mmm. CherryBerry sounds amazing. ❤

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