Hydro Angels over Texas – Baby Klaus

Hydro Angels over  Texas, is a non-profit organization. (Non-Profit Organization ID# 27-2329152 )

Not one that I am in any way affiliated with, and it’s not affiliated with, or part of the Hydrocephalus Association, either. But they have been on a mind for a fair amount of time today.

A friend of mine, Monica, posted an article about them on her blog today, and when I read it,  it had a significant impact on me, and I had to share it.

It’s a story about a baby in Texas, who was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of hydrocephalus. They can’t even give him a shunt right now, because at first, the baby’s doctors told the family that there was nothing that could be done for this baby, and he’s probably live for about 6 months. They canceled his shunt surgery- because the pediatric anesthesiologist refused to operate, for fear of putting the baby at risk.  (for some reason I can’t even BEGIN to fathom. It makes me furious to think about it…) it could be a month before they’re able to safely install a shunt. Right now, they’re just draining some fluid off, a little at a time.

I don’t even have the words to convey how I’m feeling right now.  To be honest…. I keep coming back around to the thought that this baby I’m posting an article about — it very well could have been me.

It’s not, and I am exceedingly grateful that I’m healthy, and haven’t had need of revisions, and was able to hav a shunt installed in the first place.  Really, an eye problem is about the worst thing that’s happened to me because of my hydrocephalus. It just keeps popping back in my head – what if that was me?  What if my family didn’t have the money to get a shunt?  What if my hydro had been more severe? What if, like in this little boy’s case, it was t the point where right now, a shunt wasn’t an option? As silly as it may sound to someone who isn’t in this position – it’s a terrifying thought, to me.

There’s a picture in the link I’m going to post… and I’m going to warn you, it’s pretty extreme.  It isn’t graphic, or bloody, or adult in nature.  Let’s just think for a minute.  If you pay attention to me on here, FB, or Twitter at all…. you know that hydrocephalus is a condition where fluid builds up in the head, and cannot drain properly.

Baby Klaus, as he’s referred to in this article, has hydrocephalus, and has not been shunted. His head, is about 131% the size it should be — simply because the fluid cannot drain.

Here is an article on Baby Klaus. It’s taken from the Hydro Angels Over Texas website. It’s in PDF Format.

Here is another article,


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