The Somewhat Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Post….

You know, I honestly thought long and hard about making no resolutions this year.

For me, someone who can be majorly routine/traditional oriented…. that’s a big deal. I always make at least one resolution. Usually ….. it’s more like a long list.

Now… do I keep every resolution I make?  Yeah…. that’s another story.

And some, just aren’t practical.

I’m reading friend’s blogs,  FB notes and the like… and while some of their resolutions make sense… others have mile long lists of goals, milestones, and pretty intricate “must-do-or-die”s. Not sure I want that….

Especially if you’re going to put a cap on it. “I’m going to get these 438907 things done — and all by December 31st, 2011″ I  believe the next blog I’d be writing would read something like, “Well, I’m being hospitalized for a nervous breakdown… Thankfully– they have WiFi!!”

So. Yeah. But… at the same time, I do realize there are areas in my life that need improvement. And things I want to do, and need to do, but for whatever reason, haven’t gotten around to.

So, without further ado, and no nifty bolding or underlining to track my progress, here are my “New Year’s Resolutions.”  And you know what? If I don’t get them all completed?  Oh well. I’ll be happy with whatever I get done. And, if I feel I can, or should, will work on it more next year. Who needs a 365 day deadline for self improvement, anyway?

Work out more, eat healthier, and not freak out over the occasional splurge.

Start waking up early to do yoga, and possibly be able to function without needing espresso.

Drink espresso and coffee for the taste, not the caffeine high.

Learn all I can about coffee/espresso drink crafting. I don’t need a $2,000 machine. Yet…

Consistently practice, and improve on the bass. I own a sexy bass, it shouldn’t be neglected.

Learn about different wines, and the meals they complement.

Spread hydrocephalus awareness to the best of my ability.

Be there for the people in my support group, even if it has nothing to do with their condition.

Make a difference for someone, be it monetary, or simply smiling.

Dance without worrying who’s watching, and what they’ll think.

Read other people’s blogs, and comment. Surprising how interesting people’s lives can be.

Actually attend church when I plan to. Whether Matt goes that day or not.

Pray, & read my bible more. Church attendance won’t do much good, if I don’t know what I believe.

Be nice to people. Even when I don’t feel like it, and/or don’t feel they deserve it.

Be more organized.

Slowly decorate the house. Piece by piece, & I won’t go broke…

Do something nice for someone at random.

Put on makeup, and do my hair before going out. I feel more put together, confident, happy, & less bitchy.

Work on pinpointing bad habits, and working on cutting them out.

Buy at least one pair of really nice shoes.

Learn to walk in really nice shoes.

Learn to cook chicken curry, Indian style.


One thought on “The Somewhat Obligatory New Year’s Resolution Post….

  1. Peter Gibbons says:

    Love this blog post I think I’m going to do everything I want this year and stop thrashing myself around for everyone else. Also 15 minutes of work a day no more no less.

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