Snowpocalypse… Snowmaggedon.. Snowasso… Sno-f*cking much snow…

How is it that within a day or two- there’s already neatly coined names for these type of things?  I think, that GreenHouse Clothing is even selling T-Shirts. Crazy stuff.


Anyway. Whatever you’re calling it — I’m beyond sick of the white stuff. I’ve been snowed in at my Mom’s house the ENTIRE time, since I help to take care of her. Was just easier/safer to stay here, than try to find a way to commute.

And let me tell you — it did not disappoint.  Not only was I snowed in here, but my sister, her friend Ryn, (and a Stitch stuffed animal that ended up a POW….but more on that later … )were snowed in as well.

There was a blanket fort… lots of hot chocolate, and a video that shows why going outside is a really bad idea when you get 21 inches of snow.


Oh yes! And there was no heater. We had 6 space heaters running… which, in english, means all-nighter. Or, sleeping in shifts, to keep the space heaters running, and not burning down the house.


But- things are getting better. We finally dug the heater out of the snow (when the repair people didn’t ever show…), my sister and 2 friends managed to run to Wal Mart… and I got to go home for a bit yesterday! (Although, I’m back here now, prepared to hold a grudge against someone if we get the promised snow storms this week… 😦  Don’t they know I’m supposed to go to a concert on Saturday? Ah, human interaction….)


So, I’ll definitely have to post soon all about this week. Cause it’s been one of those weeks I’d compare to …. well… have you seen those National Lampoon movies?   That comes pretty close.  But for now, I’m limited on my computer time – since you know, there are 3 of us sharing my sister’s iMac. Don’t think that they would believe that blogging is worth hijacking the thing for a few hours… So, when I’m not stranded here, I’ll be back to share. 😉

Unless of course, we get more of that this week. Then…. I may very well turn certifiable. On the plus side….. the straight jacket would be warm??


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