Quick update!

Ok. I know I said I was going to update all about the fun of being stuck in the snow… but I got to thinking about it, and really, as fun/disastrous as it was… I’m probably the only one it would interest. And… most of it ended up as sporadic Facebook updates, anyway.  So, I think I’ll spare you guys having to read all that again.


I’m pretty excited for this year – I’ve got the next few HA-OK Support Group meetings lined out already. Looking to be a good year. 🙂 I’ll get details about those up soon. And, I’m finally making some progress on assembling those Boozle Bears. My sister is kinda my hero in that aspect right now. The instructions, are not my friend, however. But… it’s going to end up ok. I just know it. And well…. if we end up with some less than stellar looking bears, maybe someone will take pity on me and teach me how to sew properly!!!


Speaking of– the fundraiser we did for Baby Klaus and his family with Baja Jack’s and Hydro Angels Over Texas? It went amazingly well – thanks to everyone who came out! We raised about 200 dollars to help the family out- which, even though they’re finally able to be together at home–  its enough to bring them back to visit the doctor in a few weeks.  So, here’s hoping he continues to improve, now that he has his shunt! They have some info over on their website, hydroangelsovertexas.org, if you’d like to leave the family a message, or watch the video they have up.


Oh!  A side note — I finally have my living room back! The drums are gone!!!  (No, I didn’t throw a party as soon as they walked out the door… but I confess the thought passed my mind! I mean… last week I spent an entire recording session in a room with a cat who was in heat, and trying to keep her quiet, while she, just wanted to scream for two hours. That is a nightmare in and of itself… ) I mean, I’ll be the first to say, I love the band…  the guys are great… and believe me, I’ll exceedingly happy when the CD finally comes out… the demo tracks on their website are great, but I’m dying to hear it all finished, and put together! However–and I don’t think I can stress how cool this is — I have a house again! I haven’t gotten around to putting everything back on the mantle yet — but the point here is, I can!! And I can sit on the couch and watch TV. Or, I can finally get around to doing those dance workout tapes!  And there are no cords trailing down the hallway anymore! Means I won’t risk breaking my neck every morning either! Hooray!!!   (Yes. I know. I’m easily entertained….. but you try losing your living room for 4 ish months. Sometimes I stop and thank God no one warned me the extent of  what I was getting into by marrying a musician! Might have scared me away. 😉 )


Ok. I’ve got lots to do, and have had very little coffee today, so I won’t keep rambling on here. 🙂 Hope everyone has a good day!



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