Why, hello- learning curve!

So. I finally broke down and got a smart phone.


HTC Desire, AKA my sparring partner for the next few weeks....












I opted to stick with US Cellular, instead of taking advantage of ATT’s $50 dollar iPhone 3g. Which, depending on who you talk to, is a brilliant, or brilliantly stupid idea. But the plan was cheaper, I’ve never had a problem not getting service with US Cellular, and I’ve heard too many dropped call stories about ATT.

And, US Cell put my phone on my bill for me, (yippee! So I could get it now, instead of when I have the money later, and their sale is over…..) and I am on a Belief plan now, so– no contract! 🙂

Downloaded some app’s, but not many. DL’ed a bible app, an app to keep track of my data usage (even though the rep assured me I wouldn’t use 5 gigs. Better safe than sorry. Or glitchy.) DLed Words with Friends, and already have 5 or 6 games going. (Most of which, I’m losing. I refuse to DL Cheats with Friends… as tempting as it is…)

I also DLed an app to “kill” other apps that are left running when the phone goes black. Because apparently, the battery life on this phone can be run through really quick. (Which, I found out….)

There were some apps already on the phone, including one called “Teeter”. Which, is aggravating! There’s this little silver ball, you have to get from point A, to point B, without falling in a hole. Then the maze gets worse…and the holes multiply.

But Mom loves it- she got farther than I did! So, that’s good. I’m glad there’s some stuff she can play too. Keep her amused, it’s something different, and I read somewhere that silly stuff like that is good for your brain?  It also is kinda neat, she doesn’t ever play with cell phones or get online anymore… so I think she misses being able to do simple stuff. Gonna set her up an email address soon.. an aunt of mine sends my sister and I forward type emails to send to her… now I guess I could just check it with her on my phone. It sounds like something really small, but listen. My mom hasn’t “checked her email” since around the time of AOL 4.0. (which, I’d like to point out, we still had AOL 2.5……)  So, it might be kinda neat for her. She’d still need my help, but it’d be something “normal” that she got to do again. Not just another thing she “can’t” do because of her stroke….

Also excited about the video camera option. It’ll be nice to use at my support group meetings. Record speakers to put on YouTube, or even on UStream, for people who can’t make it, or just want to watch an old video to remember what was said.

Anywho. Thank God there was a tutorial on the phone. The touch screen keyboard is kinda getting the better of me. But! I’m learning.

What I’m also learning… is that the phone should be plugged in at night. :\ Sometime last night, the battery died. Thankfully, I woke up 2o minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off… and had a heart attack because I couldn’t wake the phone up. Ten minutes later, I realized it was dead.

And felt really dumb, that’s for sure.

So, now I’m stuck learning all the little nuances, and googling about the battery life…. I’m very anxious to have the “I know what I’m doing” feeling with this phone.  I haven’t yet been able to connect to the WiFi at home… I’m anxious to get to some public networks (Baja Jack’s, anyone?) and test it out there. Then come home and mess with ours some more.

So. Should be interesting. Anyone out there use an HTC Desire, and have some advice??


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