Well. Was feeling accomplished… But…..

Oh geez. So, I’ve had my fancy new Android phone since Monday, and as confusing ad it can be, I think I’ve been getting the hang of it.

Downloaded several apps, figured out how to ‘check-in’ on Facebook, using the internet pretty decently… I was feeling pretty satisfied with how I was learning.

Until today.

I’m not fond of the Peep application for Twitter that came with the phone… So I posted on Facebook to see what other people use.

Someone suggested TweetDeck, so using my awesome new smartphone skills… I promptly researched it, and downloaded it.

And just as promptly, realized I had NO idea how to use it.

After several attempts to add my newly made FourSquare account, much panicky Googling, my friend Peter said: ‘Hit the menu button’. So…I pretended I knew what he was talking about, and continued cursing my phone out.

A few comments later, I learned that my phone’s physical menu button…. If pressed in the app…. Brings up the apps menu.


Seriously??? It was THAT EASY?????

Ugh.  This phone is trying to get the best of me!!!

(Ps:you’ll note…. I managed to type this on the WP app. Score a point for me…….)


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