Anyone into natural remedies?

It’s never really been my thing.. so I’m not even sure I have the proper term… But lately, I’ve been looking a little into it. 

Not as a substitute for seeing a doctor, or to avoid any & all use of medication, by any stretch . I do think there are plenty of things that require doctor visits, and/ or medical treatment. I’m just curious to see what other options are out there, and what merit they have.

What is the proper term? Homeopathic? Natural medicine? Alternative medicine? Might he a good place for me to start.”Home remedy,” Google searches can be a bit scary….

I’ve Googled a bit… But then again, that’s Google. Not always the most reliable source…  Any suggestions on good books, blogs, or websites?


One thought on “Anyone into natural remedies?

  1. I just came across your post. I use essential oils and they have helped me and my family in many, many ways. We still go to the dr. but many times if I feel something coming on I can stop it before it becomes something that needs prescription meds.

    Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine. I am not that familiar with it but I know there are many people who use it successfully. As you do your research see what resonates with you. I love using oils because they smell good, make me feel good, and there are many studies that show that they are effective. If oils do interest you be aware that not all oils are made alike. What you buy in the store will most likely not have therapeutic value. Again, do some research and find a reputable supplier on-line. I blog about using Young Living Oils if you want to have a look over there.

    Good luck

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