On Twitter? Join our #hydrocephalus TweetChat!

For anyone who hasn’t noticed the growing use of the ‘ #hydrocephalus ‘ hashtag on Twitter… we’ve started doing hydrocephalus chats on Twitter!

They’re fun to do (to me, annywayy) because you meet new people, and learn more about the condition. In the last two chats, I learned more about the ETV treatment than I’d ever known,  (And, I feel really awkward for not knowing it in the first place. Internet research, here I come!) AND “met” several new people, all of whom I’m now following, and vice versa.

Also, although I work with the Hydrocephalus Association, ( and love the organization!) these tweetchats aren’t hosted by any associations, organizations, etc. It’s simply a way for people with hydrocephalus to connect. Talk about anything you want, any organization you want, any support groups you want, et cetera. 🙂  My goal here is just to spread some awareness, and help people make connections they otherwise wouldn’t have. 🙂

Also, since everyone participating tags their post with “#hydrocephalus,”  it gets the #hydrocephalus hashtag around, in more people’s Twitter feeds. I’ve seen other Twitter chats get their topic to be a “trending topic,” which leads to even more exposure. 🙂

If you’re on Twitter, and want to join, you can click on the “#hydrocephalus” in any posts on twitter, or search for “#hydrocephalus,” and it’ll take you to a page that collects those tweets…. or an easier way… you can also join by logging in, then going to www.tweetchat.com and type in “hydrocephalus” in the box to follow the flow of the conversation! =)  This will also add the tag to your tweets for you, so you don’t have to remember!

We were doing a chat Sundays at 1, but that time wasn’t popular for people. So we tested out Tuesday nights last night, at 7 CST… and despite Twitter’s glitchiness, we had a wonderful turn out! 🙂  So, we’re going to keep the chat on Tuesday nights, and see how it goes!

Going to try and get a transcript up in the next day or so, check back!


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