Beth Moore – Esther

The world may very well be ending.I finally remembered to DL the actual introductory video to this bible study.

We won’t mention how long I’ve had the workbook … Or how long ago I very excitedly bought the wrong video to start the series……:\

Only on day one, but its interesting so far. Apparently it’s the only book in the Christian bible where ‘God’ is never mentioned. The study , I believe focuses on seeing / finding God when he doesnt appear to be there.
And,of course, different aspects of being a woman . I mean, the study is titled : it’s tough being a woman.

Should be interesting. Love it so far,Beth Moore is just so relatable. The type of person you can imagine going out for coffee & having one of those, ‘ Oh girl, me too!’ conversations with.
Now.. here’s hoping I stick with the study all 9 weeks…


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