Disney! Day 1!


Ok! So, we just got back from a trip to DisneyWorld.

I love that place. I could move there tomorrow, and be happy. I’d have my little Key to the World… a Disney

Dining plan, and free transportation everywhere!

Now, I understand Matt’s feelings about the UK. I totally get it now. ūüėČ


Seriously though. It was wonderful to have a chance to recharge, I am exceedingly grateful we had the chance to

go, that Matt’s dad was able to watch the house/cats… that Tiffany was able to stay with Mom, that Matt was

able to get off work… And oh yeah, the whole money concept…


I doubt I’ll be able to put it all into words, but I’ll try. I know some people think we’re a bit crazy for

going twice, sans kids. But, really, it’s so amazing. And our hotel, isn’t too Disney-fied. Has a more romantic feel to it.

So, I’m going to try my best and explain about our trip. Maybe we’ll seem less nuts…


Plus, really, it’s an excuse for me to relive the trip. I won’t lie.


First and foremost…. before I get into any sort of trip report… It’s like a slap in the face. We left the pixie

dust of Disney….. to come home to the real world… and no AC. That, was a nightmare.


OH. And Matt was just getting over being sick. And I was just then getting sick. (still am sick, by the way.

Feel free to send sympathy my way…. )

Day 1. The dreaded flight day.


So. We are running on zero sleep. Fantastic way to start a trip, don’t you think?


Well… almost zero, but not quite. We were up till almost 2 packing/cleaning the house. Matt’s dad was feeding

the cats, and watching the house for us. Then, of course, we barely slept at all, since we had to get up at 4:30.

This was wonderful, considering Matt had barely slept at all the night before.


Do we know how to plan ahead, or what??


Finally got ourselves out of bed… rushed around, did our idiot checks, showered, put clothes on

(thankfully, in that order. I think. ) and were somehow ready when Matt’s dad showed up around 5:15.


We loaded the truck, walked him through the to-dos…. and left. On time. Yay!! ¬†¬†Then, I realized I forgot my phone. Fairly typical. But still… not a bad start to the day!


We went back, got the phone, and headed for the coffee shop by our house. ¬†¬†Thank the Lord for espresso. (And, for dad being okay with going by…. )


Made it to the airport, got in, and checked our luggage…

At this point… I was proud I hadn’t had a breakdown yet. ¬†You see.. I don’t fly well. ¬†I am TERRIFIED of it. ¬†Disney be damned, I hate flying. ūüė¶


But I hadn’t cried yet. ¬†Go me! ¬†Last year, I cried on every flight (4, we had two connecting flights,) but one. Was not pretty.

Then, in mid terminal… I promptly burst into tears. I did not want to fly. I didn’t care how safe it is…¬†how pretty the view would be…that it was the only way I would be getting to Disney… I just wanted nothing to do with it.


Sigh. I remember thinking that if this was any indication of how the trip would be…… things were not going to go well.


I did get a laugh out of this though…. (the screens that show weather, flights, etc.) It was like that when we got back too… Yikes.


Blue Screen of Death! At the airport…

yes… the blue screen of death is a WONDERFUL omen when about to board a plane…

Get on the plane…. more tears. And lots of them. Poor Matt. I was a wreck.


So… I order a drink. (yes at that early in the morning. No judging!) .. and lo and behold–the flight attendant had an extra drink coupon! So I drank for free. Yay.

She later said she had no idea I was upset…. But I still think she saw me having my little breakdown, and noticed the early drinking, and took pity on me.


The flight lasted forever and a day (to me)… but we finally made it to Houston Hobby. Finally. I would have kissed the ground, but we had to leave it again all too soon.


Where… Matt had to take a certain picture…. Which, can anyone spot the reference? 10 points if so..

Quick! The picture is a movie reference….


It’s ok if you don’t. There isn’t anyone popping in and out in the background of this one..

The flight from Houston to Orlando surprisingly, wasn’t too bad!! I did great, (did however, have another drink. )

Orlando airport! It’s so pretty.

Thanks to us almost getting lost last year… we found the Disney’s Magical Express station in no time at all!! ūüôā

We had to print our vouchers, they didn’t actually come to us in the mail on time… ¬†but that didn’t take long, either. ūüôā


Finally – we were on the bus! So exciting. ¬†And, gotta love the video they show you. ¬†I’ve seen it already, but I LOVED watching the video on the Express. Stitch as a Yeti… how could you NOT love that?? ‚̧


We made it to AKL, and I almost cried then and there.

This is a running theme through WDW. Your resort is your “home,” while you stay at the World. <3<3

I LOVE how all the cast members tell you “Welcome Home!” and acts as if the resort is your home. ‚̧ I¬†didn’t pay it much mind the first time we went, I was still in awe of everything. The parks, the hotel,¬†the theming, the buses- SO MUCH to take in. It’s really a lot like when you watch a movie the second time through, and you catch all¬†these little references that it’s almost ilke they were put in JUST for the people watching the second or third times.


Upon checking in at Animal Kingdom Lodge. we were a little disappointed. ¬†Even though we called and made a room request – we still received a room with two beds. Which, really, it wasn’t a huge deal.¬†The second bed ended up holding our suitcases and souvenirs.


So we got checked in… took everything to our room (once we finally found it.) The hotel is separated into hallways that are called “trails.” ¬†¬†The CM at the desk directed us down the right trail… only there was no elevator down that trail. So, we had to backtrack down a weird trail, then go up that elevator, and hike down to our room.

But, it was all worth it to see this.


We had a few hours to kill before dinner at Via Napoli, so we took off for Epcot. This time, thanks to tips on some message boards.. we knew to watch out for a times guide that showed character meet times.   Thanks to that, we learned we missed seeing Stitch by a whopping thirty minutes. Sigh. I blame the hike to the rooms!  Also, we missed the meetup of people from aforementioned boards. They were meeting up in the UK pavillion Рwe had planned on stopping by, but Рthat ended up not happening.


We wandered Epcot for a few minutes, and ended up in the Innoventions buildings. ¬†¬†In which, I found an attraction I completey forgot about — The Segways!


Now, Matt had no interest in riding them… so I went up to the line and signed up.¬†Thankfully, there was only one person in front of me. I wanted to try last year, but the line was way long, so we passed.

I was also a little leery, because I have terrible balance. Made worse by the brain condition I have, and the fact that I¬†have virtually no 3D vision/depth perception. Of course, Matt had his camera at the ready….


I didn’t expect them to be quite so tricky!! Thankfully, I didn’t fall. But I came close to running over the poor CM who was helping me.


After that, we went over to World Showcase. Walked around the pavilions, and ended up at Matt’s favorite– the UK.

This, is where I started to go into Disney mode… The times guide stated that Mary Poppins, Pooh, and someone else was in the area.


We start looking… no dice. ūüė¶ So, instead, we end up going through gift shops, and exploring- ¬†and before we know it — out pops Mary Poppins!


I drag Matt out of the gift shop, and we follow her and her handler, and I get my first picture!


I was so ¬†nervous about approaching the¬†characters as an adult in a line full of kids…. would they interact as much with me?? Or act like I’m some weirdo.. .

I shouldn’t have been worried. ¬† The first thing out of her mouth was, “Was Bert drawing on your arms? I keep telling him to stick to the sidewalks..”

She was adorable. A practically perfect Mary Poppins. She took one look at my tattoo, and asked me if Bert had drawn all over my arm.¬†Apparently she keeps telling him to only draw on the sidewalks. And obviously, the guy isn’t listening. ūüôā ¬†I told her that no, he hadn’t… but if she saw him, he was welcome to color it in for me!

We chatted some more, and she stated that she very well couldn’t jump into my arm…¬†so we had better keep the drawings to the sidewalks… I was a little confused at first… but it finally clicked that she meant jumping into the tattoo – not into my physical arms. XD


Of course now, I’m ¬†on a mini-high from Mary Poppins– so now, I want to find the kids from Winnie the Pooh!

Off we go… and off we fail! They aren’t anywhere nearby that we can see.

But!! Aurora is in France…. soooo, that’s where we head next.

Not as interactive, but she was very sweet. And very pretty. But I do NOT like her dress. I think it’s the crushed velvet…

Not sure. But man. Doesn’t sit well with me…¬†Love her. But not the dress.

Photographer gave us a Photopass card. We figure we won’t ever use it… and we aren’t planning on buying any… but what’s the harm? So we take it.

This decision.. … would cause me grief later. ¬†We ended up taking over 100 pictures, I think.


Continuing around the Showcase.. we ended up back in the UK gift shops. Then, we find¬†¬†Mary Poppin’s library. And, Tigger!! ‚̧


There’s a small line, and I told Matt I didn’t really want to take a picture with Tigger. I was a touch freaked out about the fur characters. I didn’t know how well they could hear… or if I should talk to them…. lots of anxiety.

He laughed, and said he didn’t believe me.. So, we got in line.


I get up to the room they have roped off… and as soon as they let me in,¬†Tigger grabs my arms, and starts dancing around with me in a circle why oh WHY did we not pre order a photopass cd???)


Then, we posed for a picture, his arms still around me. He leaned over a little to one side… so… I leaned more.

This repeated until I was SURE we were going to fall.

So. Much. Fun.

That, is one of Matt’s favorite pictures. I’m undecided. Think I look a little odd- but I definitely look like I’m having fun! This whole interaction set the tone for the character interactions I had that trip.


Next – we give up any pretense of shopping. Dinner is soon, it’s hot, and I’m a little dehydrated from the drinks I had on the plane…. which means I’m cranky… ¬†but I want to find Aladdin and Jasmine. Off to Morocco!

Matt and I about died during our wait in line. We heard Aladdin introduce himself and Jasmine to a young child….¬†and he sounded EXACTLY like Aladdin from the cartoon. To. A. T. Like, they couldn’t have planned it better.


If I didn’t know better, I’d believe it was him, straight out of the TV. Wow. LOVED it. And… it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut about it. I didn’t want to ruin the magic for all the little ones around me. But holy cow.


So we get up to them, Aladdin introduces them, and they ask where we’re from, ask if I’m with my prince,¬†the usual banter, and then Aladdin asks if I had one wish, what would I wish for?


Of course, I blanked. Couldn’t think of an answer to save my life, so he suggests a magic carpet, so that Matt and I could race them! I laugh, agree, and we take the picture.

As we walk off… Matt says that if he was me, he knows what he would have wished for.

When I ask what… he says, a cure for hydrocephalus. (the incurable brain condition I have.


How I missed that, I don’t know. I think I was all Disney starstruck- and it never entered my mind!! ¬†I couldn’t believe it.


So, we make plans to visit them in Morocco again, and fix my wish. Course, that was a little easier said than done..


Off to dinner!  We were a little early, just to check in, but they got us right in! I was surprised.


It did take a while for our waiter, Guiseppe, to get to us. But he was extremely apologetic, and explained that it had been a somewhat chaotic day. So, all was forgiven.

Let’s be honest. The Italian accent didn’t exactly hurt, either…


I have food pictures up on FB, if you want to see. I already have a million on this post!

The food was great. Loved the sauce for the calamari (though I prefer aioli) my pasta was great, and Matt’s pizza was awesome.

Light crust and sauce. LOVED IT. Guiseppe was amazing. He recommended my food…

He recommended a pizza for our “neighbors” at the table next to us as well. The pizza with melon, fontina, arugula, etc on it.. only minus the melon, with a white sauce, and olive oil on it. Mmmmm..

Speaking of, when I asked the lady and her daughter what they were eating, next thing I know– they were giving me a slice!!

We chatted with them and Guiseppe the entire rest of the time we were there! We gave them one of the desserts on our dining plan, and through a weird mix up we ended up with wrong dessert, and a free wine (or, the wine, and a free dessert.., it got confusing. And Matt wasn’t too forthcoming with the bill details..) And, we bought the lady a cappuccino!

All in all, our desserts were the Rosa De Regale wine, tiramisu, gelato, and 2 cappuccinos! Yum… We left VN very happy.

Went after that to DTD, to try and see Harry Potter… but they had just started airing the last showing. ūüė¶

We got off at the Marketplace bus stop. Not realizing that the bus stopped at both Pleasure Island and Westside…. And I was wearing the WRONG shoes for walking around. Ballet flats. Hello blisters…..

Finally, we went back to the hotel to crash– we had the bus all to ourselves for a while. We had a mini sing along to the Cable Cars song.

End of day 1! Next day, was breakfast with Lilo and Stitch! … And… Mickey and Pluto. But!! Lilo and Stitch. ūüôā Was quite the experience…


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