Finally saw Harry Potter and the DH pt 2!

It took us THREE tries, but we did it!!

We went to see it while we were in Disney- the first night we went to Downtown Disney, where the AMC is located…. it was fifteen minutes into the show.


And for Matt, who wanted to see the Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer…. not really an option.


So, we opted to try again the next night.


We were exhausted, so we took a nap. Alarm went off for us to get up and get ready… after thirty minutes of debating it… we realized that the hotel bed was going to win, and we were not going to see Harry Potter.

Finally, we made it to the AMC! Early! Good thing too- it ended up selling out!

Theater was crazy. There was a bar. Lots, and LOTS of snack options- and it even has a few dine-in theaters!  (Of course, tickets were $12….)

The movie itself was really good. Even the fan fiction-esque ending. (there are probably spoilers ahead. Just FYI)

Loved how practically all the characters were portrayed. Snape, Griphook, Voldemort… the Kings Cross scene was great. Even some of the scenes they changed up I was okay with. LOVED the gray lady scene.

But man. There are a few things that rubbed me the wrong way…

Firstly… they left out the whole speech about Snape never being Voldemorts… he was always Dumbledore’s man.  I was so annoyed by this. Poor Matt had to listen to me rant and rave all the way back to the hotel.

Second… Teddy Lupin! What the heck?! Where did he go? I think we’re meant to assume he was the curly haired kid on the train with the kids we do meet… but they completely glossed over him. He had a pretty decent part in the books epilogue . It was a nice ending, to know that he, losing both his parents like Harry did, ended up in a significantly better situation than Harry himself did. It was a lovely little full circle thing that went ignored in the movie.

Few more  minor things…… I guess it makes sense that they left Teddy out. It seems they glossed over Lupin and Tonks a lot in the movie as well.

No nod between Harry and Draco, either. I mean, it’s a NOD. You included a glance… but not a nod?  Sigh.

This next one is a tad trivial, because I don’t believe it would have ever lived up to HP readers imaginations- but the much anticipated “Not my daughter, you bitch!” was not at all what I expected/hoped for. I mean, for goodness sakes– it was typed in all caps in the book! She delivered the line fairly calmly, all things considered. Far more calmly than *I* would have, I can tell you that.

The Diadem. In the books, wasn’t it in the cabinet next to where Ginny hid the HBP book? I’m fuzzy on this one… need to look it up….

All in all, I really did like the movie. I just needed a space to rant. Because, lets face it. I don’t need to be running around, constantly telling people how much it bothers me that they changed this, or this, or left this out, etc.


And of course, typing this out has got me all riled up again. 😦  Maybe I’ll google some other HP sites, see what they have to say about it.. (like I really need to be egged on here.. )


Thoughts on the finale? I’m anxious to start re-reading the books again.


2 thoughts on “Finally saw Harry Potter and the DH pt 2!

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I feel the same way when they didnt show Teddy, i was kinda looking forward to it. But i guess the film did the best it could to portray the book. Nice post btw 🙂

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