Man. My niece is already borderline feminist…

So, my Mom, Treisha (niece) ,  Killian (nephew) , and I went out to lunch at Baja Jack’s today, for their big birthday celebration. Had a good time.. but I almost feel sorry for my nephew. Poor thing is stuck with Treisha, Mom, and I on a daily basis. He’s so happy his brother Kieron is in town, you have NO idea. Puts up with a LOT of girl talk…

Didn’t get any better for him today…

On the way home, Treisha saw a guy outside with no shirt on, and made a comment that set the tone for the rest of the ride home.

“You know… it’s not fair that guys can go without a shirt, and girls can’t.”

Now.. I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist by any stretch of the imagination.  However, this is one thing I can definitely latch onto.

It’s funny, a while back, I met a girl who was pre-op. Didn’t get to know her well, only hung out with her once or twice.  But she went by a guy’s name, dressed like a guy, preferred being called by the male pronouns, etc etc.

The point I’m getting to here, is this.  She had herself listed on her MySpace account as Male. She was built to where she could get away with it. She even had some topless pictures up, on her site.

Which, of course, since she had herself registered as a male, MySpace didn’t see it as a problem, or tag it as inappropriate. 

The whole concept just blows my mind. She was a girl, (at least, biologically. I’m really not looking to get into a conversation about transgendered individuals, I swear.) and had breasts, albeit very small ones.

If I, went and posted topless pictures of myself on MySpace or Facebook… I’d bet it wouldn’t last for long.


I don’t get it. Guys, have nipples. Some guys, in fact, have bigger breasts than I do. (Which the conversation went to in the car. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like discussing “man-boobs” with your tween-age niece, while your nephew covers his ears in horror!)

So… Why is it considered inappropriate for females to walk around topless, but guys are more than welcome to?

All I can think of, is that women nurse.. and maybe at some point in the past, that became associated with fertility and sex, like how hip size did?


No idea. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them. Otherwise, I’m done ranting about my (and my nieces) crazy opinions. First the Harry Potter ranting (which, I did more of today, got to hang out with some old family friends who are BIG book readers. Kim and I sat and ranted about the differences in the books/movies while our moms and her brother laughed at us.)

I promise- a more sensible post about day 2 of our Disney trip is coming soon. As soon as I have the patience to sit down, type it all out, and add pictures.



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