Me vs 3D… Looks like round 1 is a draw…

So. If this isn’t your first time reading this… you know we tested out our new 3D glasses, player & 3D TV Wednesday night.

But… before I tell you how that went, let me introduce to you the cast of characters.

Pictured: The newly found bane of my existence...These, are our 3D glasses.  They’re supposedly good for anyone, I guess the guy who started this whole 3D tv thing, had a grandpa who was a war vet with 1 eye. So the experience was designed so he could be able to see it.  Now, whether that’s true, or just a story my husband told me so I wouldn’t lose hope and break all the shiny new electronics, I don’t know. But I think I’m choosing to believe it for now…

They aren’t battery powered, but instead, have cords that they plug in and charge. Matt says on a full charge, they last for about 4 hours.  Which, from my limited 3D experiences, I get headaches. So I really doubt I’d be watching 3D content for over that amount of time… so, cool!  Matt plugged the glasses into the TV to charge, while we watched a Kevin Smith DVD .

Now, the new BluRay player- by Oppo.

There was a picture here. But it was HUGE. Go here. 

Not sure what the model name is…. but I do know it came packed in a fancy travel case. All the parts (cords, remotes, etc) were in these sleek looking black boxes… I was impressed — and I’m not a tech-y girl.

But. It’s expensive. Apparently does everything under the sun (expect being region free. But it’s close! And — oh. wait, there’s a kit that makes it region free. Never mind. It does everything. Wonder if there’s a kit to teach it to make espresso…)

So, I’m not picturing it. It’s by oppo. And apparently is the “it” Blu Ray player on forums such as Blu, and etc.

This, is the Disney castle logo from Tron Legacy. LOVE this. Really. It’s amazing. Can we say, WDW virtual reality attraction idea? The line could be an interactive queue of the street up to Flynn’s arcade, the waiting lines could weave through the arcade, you could play the games to keep busy, then finally go behind Tron, go downstairs and do the attraction/ride/whatever.  It’s perfect.

Disney, I’m waiting.  And I’ll expect my royalty check, as well. Thanks. 

It’s late. But not overly. 9 something. Too late to watch the whole movie…. but I’m antsy. I don’t want to wait till tomorrow… I just want to try and see something. One of those things that  I have zero patience left, it’s 2 AM Christmas morning, I just HAVE to know what I have. It can’t wait till tomorrow…. (when, of course it CAN wait, but I’m not having it…)

Matt starts up the player… Reluctantly gives me the glasses, explaining very plainly that they can’t rub against my own glasses– it’ll scratch, and it won’t work.

Ok, ok, ok! Got it!  Let’s go! 

LOVE the intro. Love the music. Great movie.

Then, I panic.

Out of one eye, there’s a green bar across the screen. But, not on the other.

No, nononono!! This is supposed to work. 

Mid panic- Matt, I could tell, was starting to get frustrated. Apparently, in the manual, it says something about that meaning the glasses were connected, but not turned on?  Whatever. I was mid-unhappiness. He had to explain it a few times.

So we finally get the glasses on. Ta Da!

Movie starts. It’s pretty, and I guess I can kinda tell it looks a little more…. depthy? (Hell. I don’t exactly know what depthy is though. For all I know, what I see could look like a Picasso picture compared to you folks with binocular vision….)

We get to a few scenes… where, I admit. I expect something to pop out. I’m talking to the TV… kinda bouncy, and losing my patience.

Finally, we get to the grid battle.

The key “pop” point of the movie, according to our Googling research.

The guys start throwing the discs around…. annnnd…..

Nothing. Not a pop.

I’m not a happy person at this point. I mean, if anything’s going to pop- this would be it.

Matt tries to reassure me that this is normal, it’s depthy, which is really all the new 3D is…. not the gimmicky pops.

By this time, I feel like the kid who got coal or socks for Christmas. I don’t think there was any rational thought left. I was frustrated. Disappointed. And at the point where I think I stated flat out that the TV was a waste of money if THAT was all the 3D was.  I know I was yelling. Very not happy that Matt was pointing out that yes, this 3D apparently, I could see.

I countered with a very mature “No. No, I cannot. Something is popping. And I can’t see it. Therefore, I don’t care if I’m not seeing the wavy lines. I’m not seeing what I was meant to be seeing. I’m not seeing it. ”  Or some variation. Pretty loudly.

He again, repeats that this is one of the first 3D Blurays. Well, he repeats it a little louder, and more forcefully. Not quite as calmly as earlier. Probably has something to do the fact that his wife is ranting and raving….. but hey. What do I know….

He finally, (I assume) gets fed up with me, and we decide that he’s just going to watch the scene, and see if anything pops.

I wait… Pins and needles. Somewhere pretty conscious of the fact that I think I’m acting like a brat. Or a bitch. Not sure which. But I really don’t care to much. What’s the term? Hysteria? (PMS….) 

Matt semi-narrates how the scene is going. It’s more depthy. Again with that damn depth. How do I know if I’m seeing depth?! 

Scene ends, Matt calmly explains that nothing really popped. Had more depth, and certain parts did something odd, but nothing popped.

No gimmicky 3D. Nothing that is a red flag, flashing neon signal to me that yes, yes I can see this type of 3D.

Just. Depth.

About this point, I decide that the whole night has been a waste of time. The TV is stupid. The glasses are dumb. This whole depthy-3D is a waste of money. WHY pay that much for depth????? 

Of course, I can’t figure that out, because I don’t exactly know what depth looks like. I mean, I can kinda tell something is different. But I can’t figure out how to describe it, necessarily. I don’t like that feeling. I like to be sure of things.

I’m not too terribly proud of this.. but I went from being all bitchy, to completely emotional, and just started crying.

And I mean, full force, get me a gallon of ice cream, and a few boxes of kleenex kind of tears. To top it all off, the whole 3D glasses thing had given me a killer headache. 😦

I was definitely not a happy camper. I didn’t want to hear Matt talk about the depth, or tell me again that this was one of the first ones of its kind…. or that there are other movies with the gimmicky type of 3D that we can get..etc, etc.

 I just want to see the stuff that everyone else does. I don’t really care how, or why. I want to see something concrete, that would show me that yes, yes I can see this. Not a “Well…. it looks like that COULD be depth…. but…. I don’t know what depth looks like to begin with… so….. lets just say that I saw it!!” I just don’t have a baseline for comparison. So I don’t know what I’m doing. Or seeing .  I’m having a hard time even explaining it here… apologies for that.

He finally got it drilled into my head that the night wasn’t a failure. As far as he was concerned, I could see it. Then he explained a bit about the LCD glasses, and repeated the war vet story… I’m still all sniffly, trying to convince my PMS-y, emotional, girl-y mind that he was right, and to be rational about this, and either way, it isn’t the end of the world. (Ha. I know, I know….rational? Me?  Believe it or not, it does happen.  )

Finally, it sinks in, though I’m still not thrilled with the nights events.

We did google it, though… and are now making plans to buy either Monsters Vs. Aliens, Tangled, or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Those are supposedly more poppy 3D, and less of the depthy 3D. I’ll let you know how that one goes….

Hopefully a LOT better than this did. But we’ll see.  I’ll make sure to have ice cream on hand though… just in case.


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