Disney- Day 2! (well, the beginning of it anyway)


First off, I know it’s been a while since I started posting about our Disney trip. But, I finally got the pictures in I was waiting on. So, I can post the rest of it!

Not sure I have time for a full update- but we’ll give it a try!!




On our second day at WDW… we had reservations for breakfast at ‘Ohana at 10:30. I was beyond excited. I mean…. for me…. all the time we were planning our trip, and setting things up, and figuring out what to do… this was it. 

I was going to meet Lilo and Stitch. The one thing, besides Fantasmic, that we didn’t get to do last year.

I couldn’t be happier.

Despite how early we had to get up…




Matt answered our wakeup call, still half asleep. I was already up & around from my cell phone alarm, and the promise of seeing Stitch.

Looking back… I was probably hyper to the point of annoyance…



When the phone rang… I ran (bounced?) over, and asked him who was on the phone.

I know that sounds dumb.. but I had read on a forum that Mickey does the wake up calls in the Disney hotels! I of course, hadn’t told Matt. So, I was excited to see how it went over.


Matt, still half asleep, looks over at me, a little confused, and answers “Stitch.”




If I remember correctly I went from being happy-bouncy-did-you-hear-Mickey to oh-my-god-really-give-me-that-phone-NOW in about 5 seconds flat.

I was a little confused as to why Stitch was doing our wakeup call…(and to be quite honest, how that little detail had snuck past me…) but by the time I got the phone from DH, Mickey was jabbering away about something or other.



Ok. So… maybe sleepy Matt confused Mickey for Stitch. It happens..

He [I]is[/I] still in bed, half asleep….




But, as we’re getting ready, he keeps insisting (yes, because I haven’t let it go yet.) , saying that Stitch said something about waking up, and no sleepy. So, we decide to set a wake up call for tomorrow, and I’ll answer it. And, we’ll figure this out.




We finally get dressed, go downstairs, and catch a bus to MK.

Not, that we’re going to the Magic Kingdom this early. But there isn’t a bus that goes from hotel to hotel. Well, I mean, most of them do indirectly to pick up passengers, but, there isn’t a set bus that would get you to the hotel of your choice on time.  So, we are going to MK, then taking the Monorail to the Polynesian resort to have breakfast. Which, is another thing we didn’t do last year. Matt and I were both excited about that.




Side note here. On the buses, they play a recording when you near the parks.

The Magic Kingdom one, has music.

That starts off with a snare drum, has some marching drums, and then the Disney music kicks in.

Well, they played that, and Matt and I both jumped a little, not expecting it. I mean, we had heard it last year, but it had been a year!


It was funny.. It wasn’t entirely that the music was completely unexpected.

He works with a band called [URL=”http://www.facebook.com/radioradioband”%5DRadioRadio%5B/URL%5D, and one of their songs (you can hear it on their FB page), which … coincidentally is both the opener of their set AND the CD … has an intro that starts out with a snare drum!

So when the song started, we both jumped, instinctively expecting to hear “Esprit de Corps” coming through the bus speakers.

It’s funny. We laugh and decide that it doesn’t seem like he can escape his RR duties, even while he’s  at Disney World..  (you think I’m kidding? Oh, keep reading these Disney posts. It gets better..),but then I point out that when we get home.. now I’ll think of Disney everytime I hear the song. So it’s a fair trade, right?

Editors note. We’re home. And I don’t think of Disney when I hear EDC. I think it’s time to buy the Disney music CD from the parks, no?




Anyway. We get off at MK, and find the monorail station, to take it to the Poly. We go to get in line (and folks, this happened EVERYTIME we rode a monorail, this trip.) Matt goes past every single empty boarding  line… to the one on the very end.

Normally, that’s not a bad thing. But on trips with LOTS of walking…. it gets old.  By the end of the trip, I start to get pretty gripey about his monorail etiquette.

Reason being? No one else does this, they usually stop at the first open ones, since they’re tired, or have been walking a lot. So, Matt reasons that we’ll be the first ones on. Which, makes sense to me. It does.  But really… I always just want to stop at the first open one! 😦




Anyway. It was a really cool experience riding the monorail- we didn’t do that last time! Loved going through the Contemporary Resort. I can’t imagine the logistics of building that (or, anything else at WDW)




Finally, we get to the Poly. It’s so pretty-Hawaiian themed– and I’m bouncy excited. Remember- we looked for Stitch the ENTIRE trip last time, and I never got a picture, a hug, anything. Very depressing…




So we find the Ohana restaurant, and they take our name. I’m already stressing, because we left the papers with the confirmation numbers on them in our hotel room!


Thankfully, we didn’t have a problem. And didn’t wait long at all for our table, actually! The wait was long enough to take our picture in front of their Ohana background, get our leis (Matt wore his, thankfully! I thought I might have to con him into it… ) and then- our buzzer went off! Yay!




So we foliow the host to our table (table for 2, not one of the long tables they had set up in the middle of the restaurant. Whew.) And get sat down.




Twana was our “cousin.” That’s what they called the servers. Ties in with the Lilo and Stitch theme…  She seemed really very genuinely perky/ happy from the get go. I was excited. She brought us our “Best Friends” juice (which, was the same as jungle juice. Matt and I were thrilled. Could not have been happier.) and Kona coffee.




Now, I have read stories of Stitch interacting with guests, and relayed most of them to Matt. He’s rifled through bags, tried to take kids toys away, (not in a mean way,) harasses the adults some…. he’s just a trouble maker in general.

We decided it’d be cute if I brought a Stitch toy with me to breakfast.




Which, works out actually, since I had one in my purse, to work as a security blanket during our flight. (Don’t judge me. If it works, why not, yes?)


Meet Lovebug Stitch:


LOVE this guy. Was a Valentines Day present!




No one we saw in the parks, cast members OR tourists, had seen this Stitch before. Which, we found funny, but kinda cool.




Twana walked by, saw it, and told me I’d better hide that, Stitch might steal it!

But, she gave me permission to chase him down if so, so.. I was okay with that.




Breakfast came:



Plus a huge fruit tray. Plus two kinds of sweet bread.


Yum. Seriously. SO AMAZING.
Now, the food was served family style, which means they bring your table a BIG plate with all the breakfast food on it. You serve it to your family, and when you need more, you just ask your ‘cousin’ to bring some more.






And then… the characters came out, it was SO much fun watching them interact with the families and young kids! I don’t think I’ve been so bouncy/excited in my life!






Matt, wearing his lei, like a good sport.








Matt… who was getting bored and stalling for time while we waited for characters!



Now, in the meantime, Twana had brought us over a sharpie, and asked if we wanted the characters to sign Stitch! I had never heard of this, so I said yes. Naturally. It was such a small plush, I wasn’t sure how it would work- but how cool would that be?!? So, we waited. I tried to sit still, really I did.


There was a family behind us with the cutest little boy. He LOVED lilo and stitch. Seemed like he could care less about Mickey and Pluto. His eyes were shining.. they kept giving him so much attention. Kisses, hugs, etc. Lilo had her hand to his cheek at one moment, I almost cried. So touching, beats any Disney ad I’ve ever seen. They were so good to that little boy!!




The kids did their little dance around the room with the characters to the Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride song –I loved it!

And, no. I didn’t join in, as tempting as it was! 🙂




Finally- Lilo gets to us! She promptly- without asking if he wanted a picture- put her arm around Matt. Girl after my own heart, that one!!



And me!



She saw my Stitch, and put her hand to her mouth and giggled. She fawned over it for a little bit, I believe she picked it up and petted it as well!




She was so sweet about signing him, though it took a bit to figure out exactly how and where. 😉 Before she left she wagged her finger at Stitch, telling him to behave, I suppose, and walked off giggling. 🙂







Stitch came over, and I fell in love.:) He “talked” with both Matt and I, and I was estatic to hear the kiss sounds coming from him, his laugh, and etc. I didn’t know they did that!?!?!




He flipped over the toy. Which… he had stolen almost immediately. See?


He did this all on his own, with zero prompting from us.


I could have died, right then and there. SO cute. So we got across to Stitch that we wanted him to sign it (I was nervous about talking to the non-face characters. Is it easy for them to hear us? No idea…)


Trying to find a place to sign…. and knocking our napkin  and check book on the floor…. 









My two favorite boys:





Finally! The long awaited, picture with Stitch!





I also got a hug and a kiss. 🙂




 Matt and Pluto- this is cool, because DH had his picture taken with Pluto when he was really young.




Before I got licked by Pluto….





And then Mickey! He shook Matt’s hand, but didn’t offer to take a picture. Not sure why, but Matt didn’t mind.



The whole experience was great. The food, the servers, the characters. Absolutely loved it. Didn’t even mind the vast amounts of kids that were around.


Afterwards, we found a “cousin” and I said I wanted to talk to a manager. Poor things, everyone looked so nervous. I tried explaining that our cousin had simply been amazing, and had made our breakfast so much more special by suggesting we have Stitch signed… but I think they are just so used to complaints, they weren’t sure what to make of it.




The manager was really nice, though looked a little perplexed that we came to talk to her about Twana being really nice. She said she appreciated our saying that, and would be passing it along.. I do hope she did!!




More later. Promise. But… I’m running late!  😦 That’s no good…


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