Disney Day 2- B!

Ok. So, we finished Ohana... I'm still on a Lilo & Stitch high, so we decide to go through the gift shop. 

Of course, we wander the hotel for a bit first. It's so pretty!

We get to the gift shop... only we don't see the plethora of all things Stitch that I'm expecting to see! 

I wish we'd gotten a picture of the coconut postcards! Anyone see those? You can buy them for... 20 dollars, I think? Write on them with a sharpie, and the hotel sends them to someone! Expensive... but can you imagine, [I]getting a coconut in the mail? [/I] I love it. 

Anyway. Parts of the gift shop looked pretty picked clean. But, I found a pretty hair flower. Lots of them looked damaged.. but I found one I liked!

Emo picture taken in between Ohana and Animal Kingdom

Then, I found coconut cups! I almost didn't buy it. It seemed silly. But I've always wanted to drink from a coconut. I'm a dork like that. 
And it was cheap. And it had a purple flower that matched my hair flower.  So, we got it. :) 

After that, we went back to the hotel to drop off all our goods, then head to Animal Kingdom! 

We skipped AK last year, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  It was ok, neat to look at - but it seemed hotter than all the parks!! 

We walked around for a bit. Thought about doing a safari, but the wait was LONG. So we grabbed a frozen lemonade, thank you dining plan, and headed for the Maharajah Jungle Trek.  I think we walked through the Pangani Trail as well... but the Maharajah stands out to me..

It was neat, we loved walking through the "ruins" and all. The birds were pretty... when we got to the bats, WOW... 

I forget what we were looking at, when we asked a CM what was keeping all the animals (tigers, specifically) from coming over the little waist high fence at us. We didn't see a chain link fence... no cord like they have around the savannah at AKL..... nothing, to be honest. She hesitated... then told us nothing, really. That they just choose to, since they've lived/been brought up like this. They're well fed, well taken care of, etc. 

Can anyone tell me if this is true, or if said CM was pulling our legs? Matt and I disagree on this...

Either way, when we got to a point where we were inside the ruins, we looked out the window- and a tiger was staring at us. 

I mean, literally. He was staring right at us. 

It unnerved Matt a bit, so he walked around to the other side of me... Yup. Tiger was for sure checking us out. Which, he started walking toward us. 

And, didn't stop at a safe distance. 

Matt, who has common sense, leaned over and told me that if he wanted to, our new friend could probably come right through that glass. And that he didn't think direct eye contact was a good thing. 

I nodded, and being the ever so cautious person I am, told him to get his phone out and snap a picture! 

Does this picture say "Hello, friends. " or "Oooo... Lunch!"


That wood you see? Yeah, thats the ruins, with the window in it. He was maybe 6 inches from our faces, depending on the width of the glass. 

About this time, people started flocking over, because the tiger was so close.  Then, Mr. Tiger looked at us, slowly turned around, and walked away. 

I don't know if we were a planned lunch, or if he's gotten so used to people oohing and ahhing over him that he knew he'd get attention, or what. But it was an amazing moment! 

After that, we went up to Rafiki's Planet watch.  I got pretty grumpy, I didn't understand exactly what the map was saying about it... Matt and I had a mini fight, he was grumpy from getting sick on the trip.. needless to say when we got on the train, we weren't thrilled with each other. 

Conservation station was cool... but more like any hands on museum I've been too. We saw Rafiki, and someone else I can't remember... and this guy. 

Less than impressed with the petting zoo, we headed back to AK, to leave. 

And caught some of the parade! Got a good spot on the corner!  I wish I had a picture- King Louie gave me a kiss! 

After that, we left AKL, went back to the room!

Well. Not quite. We started to leave- Guess who we found!!!?

Stitch was very upset I went for Lilo first. Just stood and looked at me dejected when I tried to hug him. : ( 

Still had my lei from Ohana on, and my hair flower. Lilo gingerly touched both of them, then pointed to her own. Awww.  I loved it.

Finally got my hug. Love how DH and Lilo are just hanging out watching.


After going to AK, Matt and I headed back to our hotel room. (My feet were SO SORE. Flip flops- for me at least - were a bad idea. )

The plan was -- room service, then out to Downtown Disney, to see the last Harry Potter movie. 

We make it back to the room, and I try to bring up AMC's site on my phone. (We didn't buy the internet usage in the room. We did last year... but didn't think to this year) 
Of course, my internet on my phone wasn't cooperating. 

Finally, we pull up the website, and find out that the last showing of the day, was going to start in ten minutes. 

In short-- we weren't seeing Harry Potter that night. 

So, we sit down to make the room service order.  Flipping through the menu... we try to find what we got last year, because it was nothing short of amazing. 

They had Matt's chicken sandwich... and they had my steak! 

Only thing... my steak had different sides! 

Last year, it had these amazing potato wedges, and green beans. This year... it had potato parsnip puree, and broccolini. 

Hm. Yeah. I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

So I call to place the order, and ask the poor lady a million questions about what the sides are. She was very nice about it, and didn't seem annoyed at all. :) 

After I placed the order, I decided I wanted to go get a drink from the Victoria Falls bar, which is the bar that is sort of in between floors in the hotel. Beautiful place (as if the whole hotel isn't...) 

I ended up ordering a Victoria Falls Mist - again passing up the Acai martini, that comes with a Acai seed bracelet... Next time! 

 This drink had banana, melon, and an African liquor similar to triple sec. So good! 

Took it back to our room, along with the cherry coke I'd gotten for Matt,  and he was out on the balcony. 

We sat for a bit, animal watched, drank our drinks.... until another, uninvited guest showed up! 

a WASP. with a NEST nearby. 

Matt is allergic. So we very quickly moved inside. 

And not long after that-- our order arrived!

We tend to go all out on room service , we usually only do it once a trip. :) 

Our table, done up all pretty.

The bread was kinda sweet... interesting. Loved the butter though, had salt crystal type things in it. <3 

Kenyan Coffee Encrusted Steak, with Broccolini and Potato- Parsnip puree.  SO good. You couldn't even taste the parsnips. 

Curried Seafood and Pearl Couscous Stew
Matt changed his mind about the chicken sandwich, and tried this. He said this was good... not amazing though. And he couldn't really taste much of the curry. 

Chilled Shrimp Appetizer. We got this last year too. I don't like the texture. Matt loves it! Sauce is kinda odd. 

Taste of Boma. Zebra dome, fruit tart, and a cafe latte tart. Mmmm. 

After that, we hung out, watched TV, and fell asleep. Couldn't find a whole lot on, but! It was fun nonetheless.

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