Disney – Day 3

Disclaimer: If it says DH in here anywhere... stands for dear husband, darling husband, whatever. It's a forum abbreviation. Adapting this from a post on a Disney site...

So...I was doing surprisingly okay remembering my trip information..... then, this happens.

There's a little bit I forgot to add in to the end of day 2. 

We had every intent of trying again to see Harry Potter. But, Matt was starting to feel sick, so we napped. But, set an alarm to wake us up in time to hit the AMC in Downtown Disney and see it. 

Alarm went off- we both woke up, and wanted to go. 

But, I was exhausted, he was starting to become sickly... and those damn Disney beds are SO comfortable... sleep won out.

We woke up from the nap a bit later, and Matt was feeling worse. Needed medicine. Of course... the gift shop is closed. 

The front said that they could get a manager to come unlock it and get what we needed... but we would have to pay by a credit card, not cash. So, we decided to wait, he would just sleep till morning. 

In the morning, I woke up, and headed to the gift shop. Not only did I grab alka seltzer, but the lady gave me a number of a pharmacy that could deliver meds to us if needed. Not that I thought we'd use it, but she offered, and I thought it would be a smart idea, just in case. 

Then, I ran to Mara, the quick service restaurant in the hotel.  Grabbed some eggs, potatoes and bacon. (Yay for the Disney Dining Plan!) Found out that for my dessert, I could grab an orange juice! So, Matt and I had orange juice, and split the Mara breakfast. 

I felt horrible. He felt AWFUL, but didn't want to stay in the hotel the whole trip.

 So, we went ahead and went to Hollywood Studios. 

First things first, we got Fastpasses for Star Tours. We were excited to check out all the new additions.  I think that was the only Fastpass we ended up using... we usually don't mind the queues in lines..
But, since he was sick, it works out. 

Then, we headed to Tower of Terror.

Love, LOVE the set up /queue for this ride. I am immensely jealous of this lady. (link goes to a Disney forum. Pic heavy. But worth it!)

I would pay to stay in a HTH themed hotel. Whether in the parks, or just on property. I love my Animal Kingdom Lodge... but seriously. Disney needs to get on this asap!

There wasn't a terribly long line, so we got up to the 'hotel' pretty quickly. We were, unfortunately, behind some kids that kept giving us looks. Meh. It happens, whatever. It was neat to take the time and look at the ride queue. The signs that tell you where to go on the property for different things, the dried up pool... it's all done so perfectly. 

We get to the ride -- one of Matt's favorites, it being Twilight Zone themed and all-- and went on it. 

Per usual, I was freaked out about the drops.

 But loved it. Had a dizzy spell on it.. but then again, with my shunt for the brain condition I have.... they don't want you on roller coasters or other rides with fast altitude changes, or whathaveyou.

Oops. Oh well. *shrug* It's the high school band trips all over again..

After that, we browsed the gift shop-- but no shopping yet. We decided to just hit all the shops at the end of the night. Would be easier that way.

Then- outside the ToT, what did we find?!

Not my picture. I have one somewhere of just the real espresso machine. So beautiful... *sniff*

Yup. A real coffee stand!  Not Disney run! Not Nescafe! <3<3<3  I got coffee, Matt got some Earl Grey tea... poor thing was still not feeling well at all.

Off to the Backlot tour! (I think. If my order is a bit off, it's because my memory is fuzzy. Otherwise, the info is all here- promise!)

Same tour as last year... did see some different memorabilia in the boneyard though. Would be nice to sometime shell out the extra money to do some of the behind the scenes park tours... 

Spent a good amount of time in the Villians building, naturally. :) Took some pictures last year, not as many this year.

 I think this guy was technically in a Planet Hollywood shop we went in.. but shh. The picture can go here.. It fits. :P

After that... we headed back to Star Tours. 

Not...without protests from me. 

Not that I didn't want to do Star Tours... it's just... 

Well. I saw a face painting booth. With no line. So of course... I wanted to do it! We stood, looked at the options..... and decided to come back later. 

Really.. Matt decided. He explained why it'd be a good idea... pointed out all the excellent, rational reasons that made sense.... and, I'm pretty sure I pouted. I wanted to do it now! Not later!! 

But, he made sense. So, we waited. 

Star Tours!

At first, I liked the new setup. The line was fun, good atmosphere. 

The ride itself, I liked the aspect of having different stories. 

The 3D gave me a headache. Didn't look all 3D-y (I can't see 3D anyway. So... eh. )

The ride was a LOT shorter than I remember.  

I really prefer the old one, all around, I think. Not that this one was bad.. just not the best, in my opinion. You know?

Quick picture before the ride started...

Lunch was next! With, the excruciating decision: Pizza Planet, or the Backlot Express. 

Pizza won out. (i think because I was still wishing for more Via Napoli...) . Which, the individual pizzas were really good! The castmember taking orders was nice... Crowd wasn't too bad. 
We found a table upstairs! And I didn't get lost or separated from my husband without a cell phone!! (very unhappy Disney moment from last year. ) 
The pizzas were good- but what surprised me was how much I liked the mini Caesar salad. As a rule -- I don't like Caesar salad. I LOVED this though. Made myself eat it very slow. 

The cookie for dessert was amazing, too! 

Let's see.... what did we do next?  

I believe, we found Mike and Sully for pictures!  Last year, we passed this opportunity up, because it was only Mike. Matt wasn't too keen about standing in line with a bunch of kids for just Mike. Now Sully.... that, he would do. 


 I'm in here somewhere!

You can't tell it. But he really was enjoying it...

We walked around DHS some more... looked in a lot of shops/ buildings.  I bought a necklace from a Tattooine themed tradeer booth... resembles the Boondock necklaces. 

Finally got to do my face painting! Couldn't make up my mind what I wanted... so I finally picked the music one. The guy doing it was nice. Very, very quick with the painting. 

I was paranoid the rest of the day that it would come off. 
It stayed.... pretty well, surprisingly.
 Near the end of a night was a different story though.

Went through ... oh lord, I don't remember. The Walt Disney building.... One Man, I forgot the name! It tracks Walt's history, the history of the parks, ends in a little movie? 

Anyway. We saw that too.  It was neat. I wouldn't mind reading some of the books out on him. Both the official, and unofficial. Seems like it'd be an interesting read....
I was also getting looks right and left from kids and parents alike.  Oops..... 
Random pics from that place:

After that, we went to see Beauty and the Beast. I was VERY excited to see this. I <3 that movie. I love that princess. A book nerd, I mean, come on! I identify better with her than any of the princesses. :) And Matt had NEVER SEEN THE MOVIE. 

We got into the theater, and got a seat. Not the best seat, but not bad at all! 

Matt was eyeing the catwalks and ladders... was afraid for a moment he'd try to climb them!!

The show started- I LOVED it. It was so unique to see a movie I loved as a kid broadway style. I will admit. I teared up. And felt a bit crazy, but gave up caring. It was well done, (really well done, considering it was a 20 minute show!)  and was just as magical as everything else at WDW. 

I want to kick myself for not remembering where in the timeline this took place... but at one point during the day, we ended up in one of the Animation buildings. 

SO many pretty pictures. It's like an art gallery, but all Disney themed. And then they these little booths inside where they showcase an artist a week, or something, and they can draw pictures for you to buy.

We'd been through a few already on the trip, just looking. 

I was looking at one of the artist of the days sketches for something Stitch related, when Matt tried to get my attention.

I was a little annoyed- I mean, I wanted to find Stitch! So I waved him off, and told him I was looking for Stitch. He understands me well enough, that's all I have to say.

But no... he was so persistent! I think he actually came over, grabbed my hand, and had me follow him.

And this is what I saw:

Guess who was no longer annoyed?!
We looked it up on the computer, and found that, and another Stitch painting. 
This is my FAVORITE. Love ANYTHING about the book, or the ducklings. So sweet. We also liked that it was darker, so not as cartoony. 

Somewhere in there, Matt became serious about buying the picture. I was still in dreamy-isnt-it-pretty-maybe-someday-mode. 

We bought it. 

I was still in shock hours later. 

We went from plenty of souvenir money... to where we had to watch it and be cautious. 

This is the first painting I've ever bought! An actual, original, painting. I'm getting all giddy again, thinking about it.  It is now hanging in our room, over the bed. :) So pretty! 

On our way out of the park.. we got cornered by a survey guy. We decided what the heck, and followed him into his "office" to take the survey. 

When...we saw this:

Probably won't mean much to anyone that doesn't know me or Matt very well.. but remember the bit in my Ohana update about the band Matt works with? 

They use two of these buckets. 

We just can't get away! 

After that, we headed off to Epcot for dinner at the UK. <3<3 Rose and Crown.  We started off trying to walk, but gave up when we couldn't figure out where to go, and hopped a bus. Figured it would be easier to walk from Epcot back to DHS to see Fantasmic... since we had a definite starting point. 

Dinner was fabulous. Matt had fish and chips, I had the surf and turf. 

So. Much. Food. 

Matt was in heaven, it was the UK... it was rainy drizzly outside... etc etc. 

Finally, we finish eating, order coffee to go, and head back towards DHS , to see Fantasmic.

It's still drizzly. So, we stop in a shop to buy a poncho.

Of course, they are down to only childrens sizes. 

Looking back, not entirely sure why I bought it. It didn't cover my head - which is the only reason I wanted it! 

We headed out the International Gateway in Epcot, and started walking towards the Boardwalk. Which, would take us right to Hollywood Studios! Easy, peasy, right?


We walked forever, and finally ended up at the boardwalk. Which... looked like it just went in a circle? 

Wasn't sure how this one was going to work... so we stopped at some hotel to just wait on a bus. 

It was rainy. My face paint was a mess. And it was cold. And we were kinda lost... (only not. Because we were at a hotel. We could hop on a bus.)

I was glad we had so much time before Fantasmic! We missed it last year- I wasn't about to miss it again- Matt really wanted to see it! 

So many buses came and went- I don't even remember how long it was. Ridiculous, is what it was. 
FINALLY a bus for DHS showed. 

We learned the hotel was the Yacht and Beach club. We have a special place in our heart for that hotel. It's a black.. and cold... and dark place . But nonetheless! 

We get to DHS, the parks pretty empty.... but as we walk towards the theater... we soon learn why.

The whole damn park is in line for Fantasmic! And this is why, in case you've never seen Fantasmic. That's not my recording , I just found it on YouTube.. Everything projected, is projected onto screens made of spraying water. 

I want a pretzel. I don't want to wait an hour in line. :( 

No pretzel places are open nearby... and if Matt goes with me to look further... we lose our spot.

So I get more cranky. Even more so the longer we wait. 

Finally, we get let in. 

Which, is cool. It's like an entire mini park in there! Long walkways back to where Fantasmic shows... I didn't realize that! 

There's even snack stands back there. Which, I didn't get a pretzel from... because we sat down first, and I am so directionally impaired its not funny. I wouldn't have found my way back to my seat.

Fantasmic was cool. I don't know if I'd go through the wait again though.... it was pretty ridiculous!

After that, we left the park, and went back to the room. 

Which, brings me to perhaps the most interesting part of the night.... laundry!!

Matt was feeling sick, so he took a shower, and was stuck in the room for a while, not feeling amazing. I, took our laundry in an oversized WDW bag (why I didn't just take a suitcase.. I don't know) down to try and find the laundry room.

We were on a different floor/trail in Animal Kingdom Lodge than we had been the year before. So where we were in relation to laundry.. I had no idea. 

When I figured it out -- it was like a death march! Down the hall… ove the lobby… around a corner…. down three floors… down another hall…. THERE IT IS.

Then… I'm short moneywise. Well, of course, right?

So I start the washer.and start the march back to the hotel room to grab more quarters for the dryer (and for a pop). 

Now,there was a guy who had been walking behind me the WHOLE (well, halfway. Not the whole) way to the laundry room. He kept giving me looks…and was kinda creeping me out.

But then… I stopped to think about it.

I was still wearing the tank top from the day... Low cut… built in bra. Blue leopard print.

I had changed into pj shorts… that were basically red, cloth, booty shorts. There is no other way to describe them.

 Pretty short, but I'd forgotten about laundry! 

My face was still painted……and still smeared/streaky from the rain. 

And I had flip flops on.

The term "a hot mess" seems to apply here. 
So, I stayed down there for a while, watching TV with another family. Which, to my dismay…was not on Disney channel, like last year.  

But, it was Whose Line is it Anyway, so I couldn't complain much. 

After the people leave, my husband shows up!  

In pajamas and no shoes. :( He said he had Mission Impossible-d his way down to the laundry because he was without socks due to me doing laundry*… but would love some sock before going back to the room. 

What a night. 

But! I did manage to spread some pixie dust. A family came in shortly before we left, and started buying detergent and fabric softener. 

I, remembering how much this crap had cost, and bought a box of the softener sheets at home to bring with us. And we only had one day to do laundry. 

So, I offered to let the family take some of the sheets. They seemed happy, but didn't want to take my sheets from me.. (could have had to do with my weird appearance…. I won't lie….)

But I convinced them I didn't need them…..and they were happy. 

Finally…we finished, and went back to the room to go to bed.
The next day- was Magic Kingdom, Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, and Cinderella's Castle!!

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