Disney- Day 4

I know, I know. It’s been nothing but Disney posts lately. But I’ve been putting them off, and putting them off. Just a few more, then I can post about other things. 🙂 Promise.

Past posts about the Disney trip:

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We had to be up insanely early for my 9:15 appointment at the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique…


For anyone who isn’t as Disney oriented as I am… let me explain.

The Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique — or the BBB– is a boutique inside Cinderella’s Castle (or in Downtown Disney) where your child can get a Princess makeover. There are 3 hairstyles to choose from. Fairytale Princess, The Diva, and the Pop Princess…. you can add nails for a fee…. buy a princess outfit for yet another fee.

Then, they can have a photoshoot as their favorite princesses.

It’s for ages 3 to… well, they don’t specify a cap on the age. So, adults aren’t banned from doing it, if they want.

Of course, adults don’t get the clothes. But meh.

Yes, yes. I know. I’m 25. And it’s really, truly, technically, meant for little kids.

But you know?  Ask me exactly how much I care.


So anyway. We’re up early, so we can go to my early appointment – – and I had finally gotten the wakeup call to work.

This time, I made sure I answered the phone.

I finally got to hear Stitch on the wake up call! He says something like, “Wakey wakey, no more sleepy!” Then Mickey takes over the call, and I forget exactly what he says. Nothing huge, but it still made my morning.


Went down, got meds and OJ for the sick hubby… and headed down to the lobby.


We stayed in Animal Kingdom Lodge, and the bus to Magic Kingdom was all the way down at the end of the line. Not that we were running late or anything, but I ran.


So much so that my husband laughed, turned to a random person waiting for a bus, and commented that in our whole relationship, he’s never seen me move that fast.


I didn’t care. I was excited.


We got to Magic Kingdom, hopped off the bus, and took off.


Now, we knew the Boutique was in the castle… but we also knew that Cinderella’s Royal Table was in the castle.


So it took me a minute, but I figured out where to go, (I mean really, there were only 2 options, so it wasn’t THAT hard…) and went up to the lady at the front desk.


To be quite honest, she was a little taken aback that the appointment was for me (really, everyone was.. though they did say that they get adult “princesses” every once in a while.)


They took me to my “Fairy Godmother In Training” (FGIT) and sat me down, after asking me a couple questions, including who my favorite princess was.


My FGIT was very nice, but I could tell she felt a title awkward doing my makeover.


Which, well, to be honest, I’d be more excited about doing princess makeovers on little ones than adult females. They haven’t learned to be witchy yet, just bratty sometimes. And really, they just want to be their favorite princess.


But she was really very sweet, and as the appointment went on, we both got a little less awkward with each other.


It was different having the photopass photographer there taking pictures the whole time. A few of the pictures, I look like I’m high…


I tell you, I don’t know HOW these little girls do it. The FGIT’s have to pull your hair SO hard to get it all smooth and perfect… and my hair is SO thick.. hello, pain!


Also, there are LOTS of layers of hair spray and gel. With every time they comb your hair smooth, they smooth on a layer of gel. And then they repeat.


Believe me when I say that when I tried to take my hair down… well, it was a mistake to try out of the shower. The style held itself up!! (as I warned a family we saw the next day on the Disney buses)


Halfway through, she offered to play one of her Disney trivia games. She asked Matt and I if we could name all the Disney movies with one word titles. (Not Disney Pixar… just Disney.) It’s harder than it looks! We did need some prompting … but we got it.


I was talking with her mid appointment, and I asked her if she had any moments that stood out to her. I mean, she’d been a FGIT for 3 years, at the happiest place on earth — there had to be some good stories in there!


Which, she didn’t disappoint. She had a little girl once who was slightly overweight. And there is a part at the end of the appointment where you make a wish. After the little girl saw how she looked, she just started crying. Her wish had been simple — she just wanted to look/feel beautiful. And when she saw herself, she said that she was beautiful, and her wish had came true! -I- almost cried. So adorable.


I’m sure you get your share of fussy kids, but there’s also gotta be those sweet moments that more than make up for it.


After she did my hair, she asked me to choose between a small silver, pink, or… blue, I think, tiara. Of course, I picked silver.

She slid that under the small bun she had pulled my hair into, and added some hair pins.

Then, she pulled up any excess hair in the back, smoothed it, and added a “jeweled mickey hair clip.”




What you can't see, is the major will power it took this tenderheaded girl to keep from yelping the whole time, and giving up mid-appointment. That hurt!

Next, we did nails. I got to pick pink or blue polish to take home…and then she painted my nails with sparkle polish. (Which, I am a sucker for. My nails are actually sparkly as we speak…)


Then came the makeup. She had this cute makeup palette… I got to choose two eyeshadow colors and a lip color… she applied blush, and then I picked a sparkly gem to go on my cheek…


Sparkles all over the place- LOVE it.


Then the last step, was to wave a wand over me… add lots…and lots… of glitter, she said her quote about hoping all your wishes come true, and then I made a wish with your eyes closed….


I love how the Photopass photographer caught Matt in the background.


Then, they spin you around, .. ala What Not To Wear…and as soon as you see yourself in the mirror… the photographer snaps a picture!


I could totally be in Disney's next ad campaign..... if I were 20 years younger.



I’m sure that it’s much, much more adorable on the little girls, but I was legitimately surprised! I was all Disney-fied!


They gave me a BBB sash, and a sack with blue nail polish, the gems left over … my makeup palette, and 2 Belle stickers. 🙂


It was pricey- but it was so worth it. 🙂


I had a blast- the experience alone was great, and being in the castle was fantastic! Very glad I did it. (It, didn’t exactly hurt that I was called princess the rest of the day, either…)


My FGIT and I .


After we left the castle, we went to ride the Haunted Mansion. They redid a few things since the last time we went, but it wasn’t terribly different.


We also rode Pirates of the Carribean. We skipped it last year, but I’d ridden it before Jack Sparrow had been added in, so I was curious. There was NO line!


After the ride… we saw where the pirates were being done up, at the end of the ride. (Think BBB for pirates! ) I think they were still doing some mermaids, too,I kinda wanted to try that… but I liked being a princess.


We also went and found Dole Whips. I ended up with a Dole Whip float. SO GOOD. HOW DID I MISS THIS LAST YEAR………


Pineapple/vanilla soft serve in pineapple juice = heaven.

Matt was not doing well… so after that we rode the Stitch ride, our last ride of the morning. ( I know lots of people hate it, but I LOVE it.) We ended up front row this time…. it was great. But then again… I love anything Stitch.


Then we headed back to the room. The park was mainly empty… so we had breezed through those rides in no time flat. Matt was sick, and needed some rest. Which, no big deal, we were going to be back at the park at 3:45 to have dinner at Cinderella’s Castle, so we’d have more time to do anything else that we wanted to.


We took a quick nap. Well, Matt took a nap, I laid down and watched TV for a bit, touched up my princess makeup, added earrings, then we headed back to Magic Kingdom.


Where the magic just about ran out.


We were part of the first dinner group of the day. 3:45.


Only…when we got there, there was a parade going on.


Crossing right in front of the castle.


We couldn’t get by.


It was 3:43.


I asked 3 different cast members. Not happening.


This is where I started to get upset.


We had a credit card on file for this dinner. If we missed, we got charged a fee anyway.


I got the ADR EXTREMELY last minute, very lucky on my part.


I WAS NOT going to miss this.


Matt kept saying it’d be ok… even if we missed, they’d find a way to let us in….on and on, but I wasn’t buying it. I was super stressed, and just knew it was going to end badly.


So, then he started plotting where to interrupt the parade and run across.


I wasn’t quite that ballsy yet, though. There were cast members all over the place!!


Finally we spotted the end of the parade.


We ran. And when I say ran… I mean, we hauled it across the street. I was on a mission.


Of course…. we still couldn’t get in the castle. It’s roped off. On both sides. The door was RIGHT THERE. Frustration!!


And, unfortunately, showing off my tiara and saying “I have a reservation with Cinderella, right. NOW.” doesn’t charm these guys. Surprise, surprise.


So we ran around the long way, along the back of the castle, just as we were told…. and finally got in that way.


Not late, thankfully. We waited in line, and got our picture taken with Cinderella, who was very sweet to us.She complimented my hair. 😛



We were led upstairs to the castle… and ended up being seated right next to the window- EXACTLY the spot we would have wanted. ❤



The place was beautiful. We took a few pictures….







But our waiter came, and he was nice… reminded Matt of Gregory House…. he had the attitude. And was VERY tall. Very smart alecky. 🙂 Called me Princess, and wasn’t sure how to refer to Matt… so he called him Sport. Not prince, lord, anything like that. Just… sport. It made us laugh. Quite a bit.


Only thing… all the girls got wands; the boys swords.


Our waiter didn’t bring us any! So I conned him into bringing me a wand. 🙂


Matt ordered the vegetarian cassoulet, I got the beef tenderloin with asparagus and duchess potatoes. We both started off with salads.


SO. GOOD. Well.. Matt’s was weird. But mine? AMAZING.


As dinner went on, there was an announcement that told the story of each princess that was coming in. There was Belle, Aurora, Snow White and Ariel.


LOVED the princesses. Belle was gorgeous. I believe Aurora kissed me on the cheek. Ariel was feisty. Snow White was sweet.


There wasn’t any outstanding interactions, really…. they seemed a little pressed for time. But they did seem to spend some special time with the kids. Ariel kissed a little boy, left a red lip print on his forehead! ❤


Of course, I took pictures with all of them, —and our waiter!



Who, in the end, brought Matt a sword- at his request! I was shocked. Didn’t expect him to want one.


As for dessert… Matt got  a fruit sorbet, and I got the chefs trio. Little tiny chocolate mousse, a key lime tart, and almond cheesecake.

That cheesecake… was better than sex. Better than meeting the Princesses OR Stitch. It. Was. Incredible. If I had known….. to heck with the trio– bring on the cheesecake!!!!!!



At the end of dinner. All the girls (I think all the tables, maybe) had a Wishing star. The fairy Godmother came over the speakers, had everyone wave their wands over the stars, make a wish, and say Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo. SO cute.

After dinner, we walked around some, and I saw Photopass photographers over by the rose garden.


Which, of course, made me want to take a picture! I conned Matt into going over there, and we took a quick picture.


Then left to go to the hotel, drop off our souvenirs, then headed to DTD, to see the final Harry Potter movie! (Yes, with my princess hair and all)


We walked around some, since we had time before our showing. I checked out this magic shop, and the person working did a card trick for me!


When we finally got in…. wow! So many snack options — a full bar– the fancy touch screen coke machines…. I was wowed. It was insane!


And in the bathroom….. OMG. There was a Dyson hand dryer. Coolest thing EVER.


Dried my hands in ONE PASS.


I was amazed. Won’t lie.


As for the Harry Potter movie….. I loved it. Very little to complain about. I won’t put it here…. but if anyone is interested, I DO have a blog post about it.


Although, I think there was more later that I thought about that bothered me…. but as far as movies go, that was the closest they got!


After that, we headed back to the bus stop… and waited ages . I kept nodding off. 😦 Finally the bus showed, and we got to go back to our hotel and crash. ❤


Very excited for the next day – Epcot/MK/ makeup day. Tea at the Grand Floridian. A special meetup with Aladdin and Jasmine. <3<3



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