Disney – Day 5!

Day 5.


SO excited to write about this day. You have no idea.


First and foremost… this was the day we had our High Tea booked at the Grand Floridian.


AND it was date night. Reservations at Fulton’s Crab House. 🙂


Plus, makeup days at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom!


So, we got around, and headed to Epcot.


We walked into the park, and saw on the guide, Daisy and Stitch were in Epcot, near the entrance. We looked, but didn’t see them.  Made me sad. It would have been great to see Stitch on my last day at WDW.


As we moved forward through the little entrance area to Epcot, we looked, and off to our left, I saw a butt of fuzzy blue.


And flipped.


His line was maybe 2 people long.


So we were meeting Stitch, for the 3rd time. 🙂 I couldn’t have been happier.

We watched Stitch interact with the little girl in front of us… he playfully stole her hat and tried to wear it. She smiled, and basically just beamed at him. She was really too little to have more more of a reaction, I think.  He smiled, took the hat off, and very carefully sat it back on her head.


Then, tried to steal her from her family!  Cracked us up.


When we got up to Stitch, I ran up, and gave him a huge hug. Then, I jokingly told him that since it was the last day in the parks… he should hop in my purse and go home with us.


Well, I learned you never tell an alien experiment that likes trouble to do something, unless you expect it to happen. He took ahold of my purse, pulled it open, and tried to get in head first.


His handler almost seemed like she didn’t see it at first, then turned around and started laughing. When she asked him what he was doing, we both started to explain. He mimed everything, and I replied like a kid trying to get her friend out of trouble, by explaining it like it was no big deal.


Then, Stitch mimed to his handler that he had gained weight, so he couldn’t fit in my purse! I hug/kissed him again. SO cute. I’m telling you. These Stitch cast members MADE my trip.


So while we were hugging, we posed for a picture. Turned out FANTASTIC.


We made the rounds through Innovations and Future World. We thought about trying to make Soarin’ — but they were out of FastPasses by the time we got to the park.  Oh well. Gives us something new to try next time!


We walked around Innoventions for a while, hoping to catch Chip and Dale, but never saw them.


We were on a pretty tight time limit, since we had to get tea at the Grand Floridian at a set time… and we wanted to get a few things done at the Magic Kingdom before that…. so we rode Mission Space, (the easy side) and then headed for the World Showcase.


This time — Matt agreed to take a boat! I was so happy. 🙂  We sat outside on the back of the boat, and I got some beautiful pictures. It was wonderful.


The boat dropped us off at Morocco, and we looked to see if Aladdin and Jasmine were there.


They weren’t, so we walked to France.  Belle was on my list of people to take a picture with.


She wasn’t out yet, but there was the cart that had the Grey Goose and Grand Marnier slushes that I’ve heard so much about.



After a brief panicked moment where I thought I’d lost my ID… I finally got to try one of the slushies.


And they are amazing. Wonderful. <3<3 I was nervous the grey goose ones would taste like the vodka. But, it had citrus added. <3<3



After that, we walked back down to Morocco, to see if the characters were out yet.


Jasmine we saw, but Aladdin wasn’t there yet. The handler said he was having issues with Abu , and would be out in a bit.


So we didn’t hop in line immediately. Instead, we stood off to the side and waited.


Finally, out comes Aladdin- and yes, it’s our Aladdin. Awesome!


So we got in line… and I started to get a little nervous.


See, we had already met Aladdin and Jasmine – and they had stumped me. Aladdin had asked me what I would wish for if I  had a magic lamp. (Day 1 of TR) I was still in Disney-star-struck mode, so I had no real answer for him.

So, we were going back to correct my wish!


I wasn’t at all sure how to go about it; or if they would look at me like I was crazy, but I was going to give it a shot.


Finally, we get up to the front of the line, and I didn’t have to say anything. Immediately, Aladdin was like, “OH! HEY! You came back to see me!”  It was the best thing. I was so surprised. I laughed about it, and said hello to him and Jasmine, then they asked what we were doing, if we were just taking another picture, or what?


So, I started to explain.


I reminded them about them asking me what I’d wish for if I had my own Genie, and how I couldn’t think of anything suitable… and when they said that yes, they remembered, I told them that I had thought of a wish.


I explained my hydrocephalus. Gave them a quick, general summary of the condition — mostly laymans terms. I mean, do they even have neurologists in Agrabah?


I explained my own experiences with the condition, and the ones of people I know both in real life, and in internet life. I told them about my working with the Hydrocephalus Association to have support group here in Owasso, as well.

They seemed really intrigued.  They asked questions, both about me personally, and the condition overall. We were there for a good ten to fifteen minutes.


Now, keep in mind, this is a picture line. A meet and greet line.


A long, meet and greet line. We had families and children behind us, who were way more “deserving” I guess you could say, of the Disney magic.  But they didn’t care.


I was, and still am, shocked at the attention that they gave to me. It was probably, the most magic moment of our trip, for me. I almost cried.


It was just so special. Aladdin almost slipped out of character. He was saying how he believes that if you believe in something hard enough, you can make it happen. Then, he faltered, and added in, “I mean, look at me! I was just an ordinary street rat — and now I’m living in the castle! …… But, in all seriousness, I really do believe that if you want something hard enough, and believe enough in it — you will make it happen.”


That, for me, did it. I was just so moved by the characters caring… but for the actual cast members to try and slip in something of their own opinion — made my trip.

‘And, before we left, they assured me that they’d get Genie on a cure, immediately.  Made me laugh.


seemed genuinely happy to see us again!


Explaining hydrocephalus.


Then, Belle was out, so we went to see her. She was so sweet. We chatted about books, and she told me that her Beast couldn’t read, but she was teaching him. She then asked, if my Beast could read, and pointed to Matt. So cute.

Is this your beast? Can he read?


After that, we left Epcot, and headed to the Magic Kingdom. We didn’t have much time before we had to head to tea at the Grand Floridian.


At MK, the only thing we really had on our must do list — was the teacups.


Matt, does not like spiny rides.  They make him get motion sickness.


But he said that this trip, on our last day, he would ride them with me.


After waiting in line for ages, we get on. I was sitting across from him.


It was SO much fun. I LOVE rides like that.


At one point, I stood up, leaned over the wheel you spin to spin the ride, and kissed Matt.


Who then, yelled at me for standing up. I laughed at him, and sat back down.

In retrospect, I think he was probably right. But at the time, I was having so much fun it didn’t dawn on me.


After we got off the teacups, we ran for the monorail.


We had a high tea appointment at the Grand Floridian.


On the monorail, we ended up in our own car.  I LOVED it.


There were these poles that the people standing hold on to…. but since there was no one in the car, I decided to have fun with it.   I hopped up, and decided I was going to try “pole dancing” .


And, by that, I mean, I had the pole in one hand, attempted to do something sexy, then the monorail jarred, and I freaked out, and almost fell over.


Very much something that I would do. But it was fun, and worth a shot. At the next hotel, some more people got on, so I had to sit down and behave.


The Grand Floridian — is gorgeous. It’s white, Victorian style, and absolutely beautiful. There was a pianist in the lobby, who alternated between playing Disney songs, and lounge type music.



We get in to our tea, and sat down.  The tea room was beautifully decorated. We had porcelain cups — and actual sugar cubes.

We ordered our teas, I had the Grand Tea, and Matt had the Buckingham Palace tea. We both had tea, I had champagne. We had tea sandwiches, scones, a mini quiche, and jam tarts. I had an English Trifle for dessert, and Matt had strawberries and cream, which he shared with me.

I also, finally got the champagne with strawberries I wanted. I saw it somewhere a long time ago, and thought it would be good. Never tried it though.

So much fun. I loved the vibe, it was quiet, and pretty romantic. 🙂 It was perfect. A must do for next time!

We wandered the hotel after tea. Checked out the gift shop that had all the soaps, and spa paraphernalia. We almost bought some, but I decided to pass.


The pianist had stopped, but a jazz type band had started. So, of course, we checked them out before we left. 🙂


After tea, we went back to the hotel room to relax. Matt was still sick, and we didn’t have anything to do until evening, when we had our dinner date at Fulton’s Cafe.


Which – I was very excited for.   I had bought a new dress, so I was happy to dress up. 🙂


Matt hadn’t seen the dress, I was trying to keep it a secret.  I don’t get many chances to surprise him, so I wanted to go for it.


Was a pain, but it paid off! He didn’t see it till right before we left. And thank God, he loved it. ❤  I did too! I have a thing for red dresses now. I think I need to branch out…….


When we got on our bus to head to Downtown Disney- I felt like people were staring at us. Most people were in their park clothes, and Matt and I were dressed up. Not to the nines, but pretty close!


We did have several people tell us we looked nice. And got plenty of looks. 🙂 I liked that.


We made it to DTD, and headed towards Fultons. We were a little late, but they still had our table.


Our server was wonderful. She recommended her two favorite dishes — which we got.


I got a filet mignon with blue crab meat and béarnaise sauce. Matt got a stuffed lobster that comes with new potatoes.

We started out with calamari, which tasted amazing.  We still like Ciao’s better… but this was phenomenal.


Our food- killer. Exceptional. Outstanding. ❤


I took some of Matt’s potatoes, since he didn’t think he could eat them all. It was amazing to  mix those with the béarnaise sauce & crab meat.



After that, we wandered DTD for a bit.  Went to Ghiradellis, and I got a white mocha, that tasted amazing.


We wandered the World of Disney store, ended up finding a chatty cast member, who insisted that we get the celebration buttons – showing everyone we were celebrating our anniversary! Which was cool, we got wished a happy anniversary that night.  Made me smile. 🙂

it's cheesy. I know. oh well.

After that, we headed back to our room , and basically passed out.


The next morning – we left Disney.  Matt was starting to feel better… but I was starting to get sick. 😦


We had a quick breakfast at the Mara, and packed up.  We wandered the hotel for a while, until Mickey’s Magical Express got there.


I admit it. I cried.


I cried a good portion of the ride to the airport.


It’s terrible, but I didn’t want to leave! It had been such an amazing trip… and with a place like WDW, you never know for sure when you’ll have the money to go back. You know?


The flights home were smooth.  I think I was starting to feel too sick to freak out.


We made it home…. and get home…… and it was lie, 90 degrees inside our house.


Apparently, our AC had gone out at some point during the week. 😦


I’ll spare everyone all the drama.. because it isn’t near as interesting as the WDW information… but it ended up getting fixed the next day. Thankfully.


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