Sorry for the lack of updates…

It’s been a crazy few months.

The main thing thats been going on, is that my mom was admitted to the ER one night, and ended up needing artery surgery.

I kept a semi-running commentary on FB and Tumblr… but I’m sure I’ll end up summing it up in a blog.

Still behind on the WDW trip report blogs, but that should be finished up today or tomorrow.

Also, had a ridiculously crazy weekend, had 4 girls over to stay the weekend with Matt and I, and go to a RadioRadio show.


Not that I’m sure you all can’t guess how that went over… but I’ve been encouraged to blog about it.

Some names and details may need to be changed to protect the innocent here. I know I promised myself anything I blogged here would be on the verge of blatant honesty… I’m just debating how much I’d like to incriminate myself….


Anyway. There’s the explanation.  I didn’t just completely fall off the face of the earth… however, Tumblr has taken up a majority of my internet time — I cannot lie.


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