Well. It’s official. There’s no hope for my kicking the coffee habit…

I’m still a little in shock…. and .. trying to not get too overly excited — because it hasn’t arrived yet, and lets face it – something can always happen during shipping…. (Lord knows Matt’s music equipment is testament enough to that…)

BUT. Nevertheless…. even though I’m trying not to be… I’m beyond excited.  And, resisting the urge to do cartwheels and send out mass texts… 


Because… finally…. after three years of saving and planning for it, and ALWAYS having something come up — we ordered my espresso machine and burr grinder yesterday!

Now, we’ve had an espresso machine.  A $75 dollar Hamilton Beach one. This is what he looked like :

Looks pretty... but don't let it fool you....

It worked good enough for us for a while…. but, there was a slight problem.

You couldn’t take the arm wand off to clean it.  And since it wasn’t a real machine, you didn’t back flush, or descale…anything like that. You just ran water/vinegar through the machine to clean it.

Well… what happened is that the steam wand clogged up with milk/mold… and no matter how much I cleaned/ran vinegar through it…we were still getting bits of stuff out of the steam wand.

In a word — ew.  (and, when we stopped using this machine, we realized the espresso it brewed was really more like tea… how did we miss that?!)

So… we started looking around for a “real” espresso machine.

Vibiemme Super HX - New 2011 Version. Only $2099....................

We found one. And a grinder to match! (not pictured)

Granted, it wasn’t cheap. But… we talked about it…. looked around at Matt’s music equipment… saw the $6000 keyboard…. and decided this was doable.

Then, of course, there were lots of ups and downs, money that was set aside for the machine, that ended up getting spent on other, sensible adult things. (That, would honestly make a soap opera of a blog in itself… but we’ll leave it at that.)

So, we never got the espresso machine.  I mean… it’s a little difficult to save up 2 grand. Especially when bills come up, bills go over, clothes get ruined, Christmas comes around….. you know how it goes.

So, we’d about given up hope.

THEN, the vendor we were going to order through, put out a new espresso machine of the same type, the La Nuova Era Cuadra.

Meet the Cuadra, who I thought was to be the answer to all our problems....

This machine was in the same category as the Vibiemme machine, but was being sold for an introductory price of $995.

Obviously, it wasn’t quite the quality of the Vibi… but I called and talked to 1st-line…. it was a machine that Matt and I would be happy with. For just barely under a grand, hallelujah!!



Turns out… the WEEK BEFORE we were going to order it…. I find out they are sold out.

Not to worry… they’d get more…. they just didn’t know when.

And, it’d be at a different price.

Still cheaper! But… not by much. So hardly worth it, really.

Ok. So, now what?

Ordering the machine from someone else was an option, but no one else that we found that sold it, offered to work on the machines free for X amount of time. So, if we had a problem, we could be screwed.


We looked back at the Vibi’s. Since, really, that’s what my heart had been set on.

But this time, we looked more into it’s baby brother… the Jr.

Meet Jr. Basically, exactly like Super, with just a few changes. Mainly size...

Again, I did some rapid fire Googling… the HX concept was making me a little nervous. It’s technical, and a little trickier to work… but it seems like it’ll be okay. Just part of the process…

Calling 1st-line, yet again,  I chatted with the sales lady. Who, reiterated that it was basically the same machine. They sold many to people with New York apartments that were smaller, and didn’t have room for the super.  And they didn’t get many, if any, complaints on the machine.

And, it was not much more than the Cuadra would have been.

So.. .we paired that with the Lelit grinder, also from 1st-line… (that we’d basically decided on years ago….)

Who, might I mention was on sale, $100 dollars off, with the purchase of an expensive espresso machine. Yay!

So beyond excited.

We ordered the two of them yesterday. Website says most orders ship between 2-7 business days! So, yeah. It’s just a matter of time before I get to start playing with these, and figure out how they work! 🙂

I’ll be sure to post pictures, and keep this updated about the learning process.


That is, if I’m not so hyped up on espresso that I forget about this blog altogether…….


One thought on “Well. It’s official. There’s no hope for my kicking the coffee habit…

  1. Gee Whiz says:

    It isn’t a keyboard…..It’s a synthesizer….

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