Apparently, WordPress doesn’t want me blogging this morning…

I had a blog post typed out … but WordPress decided that it wanted to eat it.

That, makes me sad.  But, is fitting to what I wanted to blog about, I guess…

The long and short of it was, and is, that I’m playing with a new plant based diet. (Yes, I still like meat. And will probably still eat it sometimes at home, and definitely out. This is just an experiment. And, unless I can get ahold of Pacific Foods Barista grade soymilk… I’ll still be having dairy in my lattes… ) 

We bought the Happy Herbivore Cookbook by Lindsay Nixon… it looks AMAZING.

Matt and I are making my Mom dinner from it tonight… we’ll see how that one goes.  It’s a belated mother’s day present. 🙂  Trying to get mom to eat this way once in a while – it would help with her diabetes – believe it or not!

Anyway. Gotta run and get to work. More later!

I really did have a lot to talk about this morning, WordPress. Hydrocephalus stuff, new hair color, etc…..  You aren’t making me happy…

Anyway. I’ll leave you with some … new things we bought at Whole Foods last night. For dinner tonight.


Lots of new things in this picture…. hmm.

To be fair, the soy milk isn’t new. But this is for cooking things. THAT. is a new concept.  The sprouted wheat tortillas from Ezekiel 4:9 will be interesting. As will the vegan cream cheese. And… the tofu that I’m going to have to sneak in so Mom doesn’t see…

We also picked up veggie broth bouillon cubes, whole wheat flour… and nutritional yeast.

I expect I’ll post pictures of how this ends up going, and other things we try.

Which is good. It’ll keep me in the habit of keeping this thing updated, yes? 😉


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