Disney-Dekker-Dinner-Date. Part 1….

Yes, it’s cheesy.

But it’s been a very long day, I’m exhausted , with no creativity.

Alliteration is all I have right now.

I don’t even have a coffee. That’s depressing……  I had one, but I drank it.

But! I digress.

Anyway. What I was getting on here to blog about – was our mini road trip we took this past weekend!

For anyone who hasn’t seen me spazzing all over Tumblr and Facebook…. we went to Oklahoma City, for a book signing by Ted Dekker, and Tosca Lee.  Ted is my absolute favorite author right now…. and Tosca is great – though I haven’t read much by her, yet!

Nevertheless, I was ridiculously excited.

Not only had I spent all week trying to figure out what I was going to say (you would have thought it was a first date the way I was carrying on! ) but it had changed no less than 3859408 times.


You think I’m kidding?

The spectrum started at “Hi” , and went from there to …. well..seriously. They changed every few minutes it seemed like.

Which, to me, it’s really hard to pin down. Meeting a celebrity, or an actor, singer, whatever… doesn’t seem like it’d be too difficult.

But… meeting an author. Especially a favorite author. This is a person who literally takes a pen to paper (or computer, but the word picture isn’t as pretty) and creates worlds. In this case, multiple words that connect together, some by heavy plot lines, others by the slight appearance of a character or a reference you may have ignored completely otherwise. Worlds that it’s very easy to enter, and lose hours, even days – depending on the book.

What do you say to someone whose books you’ve read , analyzed, discussed online, related to characters, become distraught at the unforseen twist that basically condemns the character you’ve bonded with during the last two books…

I mean , there’s major emotional investment here. And that’s just on my side! He created these characters, these worlds….and he isn’t done creating them yet.  so I’d imagine anything that I — or anyone else — has to say about them, will have an impact.  Maybe not on the story necessarily… but wow. This is someone’s art, their creation, their passion we’re talking about here!

So… no pressure, right? 😉

I finally decide that I’m going to say something simple, like thank you. I used to be absolutely incessant when reading. In elementary and middle school, I would literally be reading a different book every day.

Which, I got in trouble for a couple of times.

And out of trouble once, because the teacher asked why I changed books each day. When I said it was because I finished the other one, he identified with it, said he used to be the same way….. and just told me to put the book up for now. Laughing, mind you.

Lately.. I haven’t read as much. There have been a few series here and there…. but nothing major. Honestly, I’m disappointed in myself. The two things my house was always going to have (in my eyes, when I was younger) was a music room, and a library like Belle’s.

Well, I have the music room…. Just not the type I envisioned. 😉

The library… well, it’s a work in progress. Stick with me, this may be a long blog….

So, long story short (too late), to me, his books are the ones that really got me back into reading a lot. Sure, I like other books and other series, but he’s the first author (of more than one series) that’s gotten me excited about reading in a while.

I also checked out Frank Peretti and Tosca Lee because of him… and just.. I’m feeling more of that insatiable urge to read something again.

Which I  LOVE.   I’m sure our budget won’t love it… but it’ll just have to be accommodating….

Anyway.  This blog will never be finished if I keep derailing it, will it?

So, we decide we’re going to leave Owasso around 9. and head for OKC, stopping for lunch in Arcadia.

Per usual, we left a little late. It was only because I wanted to actually put makeup on. And it was only half an hour late. I actually worked out… showered… and put minimal makeup on. It was a good morning for me! 

First things first….coffee. 🙂 We went by the Misty Brew, got our crack espresso, and we were off!

The ride down was entirely too much fun, due to the fact that Matt had made me two new cds.

Two new Disney CDs.


We’re talking DuckTales, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast , Cinderella, Nightmare before Christmas, etc….

Perfection on a disc.

Needless to say, it seemed like we made it to Arcadia a lot quicker than we actually did.  Our directions had us exiting the highway a lot sooner than we thought. It ended up working out on the end, and was easier than driving basically to OKC, backtracking to Arcadia, then back to OKC.

In Arcadia, we stopped to eat at a place called Pops. If you haven’t been there/heard of it…. go check it out sometime.   It’s a gas station, restaurant, and a convenience store.

They also have, a million different kinds of soda. And it’s the craziest building…. I seriously felt like I could be in Epcot in Disney World. Such a cool design. 🙂 The sodas line the walls on the inside… but that’s just for display. You actually buy them out of the coolers.

Dublin Dr. Pepper @ Pops!

Matt @ Pops!

We sat outside, thank GOD. The place was so cramped.  Which, I mean, there’s so much going on, it’s a hot tourist spot… not surprising.

Outside was great. The menu, not too stellar. Burgers, sandwiches, wraps.  It was good though!  Probably not worth the drive just for the food… but if we were in the area again, we’d totally go.

Walked around inside… picked up some soda for my niece and nephew…. Ramune for her, and naturally, he had seen some weird soda when they went, and he’d ask me to grab it.

What soda did my lovely, sweet nephew want?

Fukola Cola. 

Classy right?  Turns out it’s not bad. It’s a borderline energy drink, I think. Not a bad taste. 

After lunch, (and an embarrassing moment when I was going through a pallet of sodas at the check out….. that belonged to the lady behind us in line — boy was she getting mad. I’ve never left a place so quickly!) we drove the rest of the way to OKC.

It didn’t take long at all to find the LifeWay Store — thank you, Matt’s iPhone!

We decided we’d run in really quick, to see what the store looked like, how it was set up , what books they had…. 

They had the signing area all set up, a few tables with Dekker books all over them… it was like an instant high. I went all giddy -fan-girl — my poor, poor husband. 😦

I made a beeline for the tables, checking to see if they had any books I was missing.   An employee started talking to me, and asked if I knew about the signing.  I tried to contain myself, but ended up explaining that yes — yes we knew, and it was the entire reason we drove down. 🙂

Chatted with her for a moment, then it was back to perusing the shelves.

I found lots.

So did Matt.

It was horrible. I’d pick up a book to look at it — it would never get put back on the shelf.

We got the new book, Mortal. We got the Boneman’s Daughter. The Priests Graveyard. We got two Frank Peretti books, Omen and Monster.

The funny thing is… Matt budget $75 for books.

I argued with him. I told him we wouldn’t need that much. I wasn’t going to buy THAT many books. Really. It was silly. Ludicrous. We could use the money for groceries. Running money. Gas. Blu Rays. Anything.

And you know what?  I was right.

We did not spend $75 on books.

We spent $72.50 on books. 

Matt was laughing the entire time we were checking out, just shaking his head at me.  He made sure he reminded me of the fact that I had protested about the $75 budget a LOT. All I could do was laugh, though rather than admit defeat, I pointed out that I was right.

We had 2.50 left! 😛

After that, we drove around OKC for a while, just looking. We went by Paseo Underground, where The Secret Post played a show, drove around downtown — there is a jail in the middle of downtown?! What is up with that?!!  — and drove past a coffee shop we planned to try later, but were too full.

Around 3, we headed back towards LifeWay.

The last signing,  had 200 people there… so we (I) wanted to make sure we got in line early.

And…. since it’s past my bedtime, I’ll stop here, and entertain you lovely people with part 2, sometime tomorrow!

If I can put down Mortal long enough to type it……..


2 thoughts on “Disney-Dekker-Dinner-Date. Part 1….

  1. […] I blogged on here before about going to Oklahoma City to meet Ted & another author, Tosca Lee. ( here & here) That was a wonderful experience – we made an entire day out of it, we spent $75 […]

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