Dekker Disney Dinner Date – part 2.

… what?  The alliteration worked the first time, why mess with it??

So, anyway. Where were we?

Oh, right. We left off with us just getting back to the LifeWay store.

Two hours early.

Terribly exciting stuff, I know. But we knew how the crowds had been last time, so we didn’t want to take a chance of being at the end, missing out, et cetera (though, I really don’t think they would have left without signing everyone’s books. But.)

We walked around the store for a bit, made a last ditch effort to find either of Tosca’s books, (no luck,) and said hi to some employees we had talked with earlier.  Someone, who I assumed to be the manager, was setting up a snack table in the back.

Later, this had pop on it as well.  It also had oreo style cookies. :) They also had pop out later, but we were happy with water.  I thought it was really cool that they had something like that set up. I mean, I’d expect them to provide the authors snacks, but didn’t expect them for us..

Hardly anyone took them up on it, though. They announced it a lot, and I didn’t see may people taking advantage of the fact that it was there though…

Finally, we walked over  to get in line. There was already a couple there, sitting against the audio cds, across from where the table was.  They didn’t look super talkative — in fact, they were both reading Dekker books, so we sat down next to them without saying anything.

Our view. For two hours. Not, our smartest idea ever. But!

Truth be told, reading sounded like a fantastic idea. I tried to read some of Mortal, (the book the signing was for) but couldn’t concentrate enough to make it past the first chapter or so.   Just too much going on – and I didn’t want to miss anything.

More and more people started filing in, and eventually, getting in line behind us.

Though, instead of going the common sense route, and snaking the line through the bookshelves behind us, where there would be ample room….. they veered the line off into this room LifeWay had for church supplies.

Right.  THAT is the smart thing to do.

Which, I might add — and this cracks me up —  almost every person who got in line, remarked that that wasn’t very smart. Or saying Lifeway should have set the line up different.  Or that it was stupid that the line curved that way. But yet, no one did anything about it. I found that hilarious.

But anyway. I digress.

I really enjoyed that there were a vast array of people out to the signing. Older people, children, teenagers, people my age… boys, girls…. It was nice to see that it wasn’t all one demographic. 🙂 Though, there were some colorful people….

The people who were immediately behind us had a STACK of books . We chatted with them a little, they seemed nice.

Made me feel so much better about our 72 dollar  literary binge earlier in the day, (though, I found out later, Matt saw several Dekker books from OKC sellers on Ebay for 70+ dollars. Really?? Really, guys? I hope Marsuvees gets his hands on you… how tacky can you get???)

Further  down the line, there were a few people who looked to be late teens, early twenties – a boy and a girl, and the girls friend, I think.  Not that I was eavesdropping or anything…. but I was bored. I had time to kill. So.. really, yes. Yes, I was eavesdropping. But, in my defense, they had started chatting about Dekker books.

 (What are his fans called? Mortals? Dekkies, maybe? Ugh. I’ll stick with the term the website uses, the Underground)

I listened pretty intently for a bit, almost getting up to join in a few times.  I don’t have many friends who read Ted’s books, so my discussion is internet limited. In other words, sparing to nonexistant. God help the few friends I DO discover that have rad the book. I tend to explode with questions, wanting to chat about all the connections, and whatever else I can think of.

For that very reason, Matt kept encouraging me to go over there, and when they started talking about the Blood Book ,  I almost did. I want that book more than I can find the words to explain. (Long story short, it’s one of the unpublished books, goes along with the Books of History Chronicles…. only gave a few out on special occasions…. ) But, right before I was going to go join in,  I started to get a weird vibe.

Their conversation was quickly taking a turn down, “I’m a better fan than you” road.  If I wasn’t concerned about mixed company reading this blog, I’d compare to a you-know-what measuring contest.

They were talking about how many times they’d been to what events…how many unpublished books they had… Ted knew them on a first name basis…. how many this, did you know that, etc etc.

I could have been totally wrong.. it could have been genuine conversation….. but that’s just the vibe I got. So, I stayed put. I just had this feeling if I joined in, I’d be voted off the island for not having any unpublished books, let alone, not having all of the normal books. As  I’m not crazy about being ostracized by people I’ve never met before… I didn’t chance it.

The entire time we were there, people would come up, and stand right next to the couple in front of us in line, and just stop. They’d stand there for a bit, and they’d stare.  On occasion they’d speak up, but more often than not they’d just stand, and look at the line. Maybe tap their foot, or fiddle with their cell phones.

Each time, after a sufficiently awkward about of time had passed…. one of the two would speak up, and ask them  if they were looking for the line. When the person inevitably said yes, (and sometimes ask if this was the end,)  they’d explain that this was the line, and no, we were the front, and the line went on from there.

You won’t believe me… but that kept happening, literally , until Ted and Tosca walked in the door.

It’s crazy.

Even crazier…. 75% of these people, made a comment about how they were sure that we were the end of the line.


Right by the table and the banner?  The END of the line!?

Yes , folks. They’re doing a backwards signing today. I’d continue the snarky comment… but I can’t even think of how I could word it to remotely make sense.

Anyway. Whatever.

After the first few times this happened, Matt and I started talking a little bit with the couple. I did the awkward small talk, “Where are you from, how long have you been here, can you believe these people, etc) and then we started chatting.

They were so nice!  Really makes me wish I’d sucked it up and said hello earlier. They introduced themselves as Jordan and Melissa, and they were super sarcastic.  Melissa pointed out that sarcastic people are just naturally drawn to each other.  Probably very true.  I was so glad we were by them, instead of some of the other people there…

They , not unlike the know-it-all crew, seemed to have a vast Dekker collection. They’d been to a couple of other signings and even a Gathering before.

Wonder of wonders, they told us all this, without any of the ego vibe I got from the younger kids down the line.(Thank GOD,) 

That, in itself, made me extraordinarily happy.  We spent a good amount of time chatting with them. It definitely made the two hour wait go by faster. They also… told me the Blood Book ties ADAM into the Books of History Chronicles – how the crap does that work?! My brain is fried just thinking about it.  

At one point, they decided to do a trivia contest. For a $5 Panera card. Keep that in mind. Not a huge prize, by any stretch of the imagination….

The way they set it up, was if you knew the answer, you  were to get out of line, and come to the front , and answer. You were guaranteed your spot back, so there wasn’t any worries about that. The first one to answer correctly, got the gift card.

Of course, before they even asked the first question, a certain group of people who will not be named got out of line, and headed to the front of the store.

Kinda killed the spirit of things, but eh.  I guess a $5 Panera card, and the knowledge that you do, in fact, know the name of Ted Dekker’s first book, is really very important. The trivia questions weren’t even that good. But, whatever. 

Just before 5 o clock, the manager came over the intercom saying that Tosca’s luggage had gone missing – and that they’d be a little late.

I guess, from what I hear, and see on Facebook, Tosca Lee is all about shoes.  That had to be devastating.  I was sure they, or at least she, would be in a sour mood when they showed up….

So, we waited some more.  By this time, I was pretty fidgety.

Had to move a couple times for people who wanted to look at the music CDs, but it wasn’t a huge deal.

By this time, I think the store had sold out of every Dekker book they had. They came and took the books off of the signing table…. moved the now empty display out of the way of the table…. I think they were surprised at such a turnout!

Finally, I got impatient. Kept looking outside, to see if I saw anyone.

Lo and behold, eventually they showed up.  I like to think I had something to do with it, I’m just amazingly talented like that.

I feel like a terrible person…. but.. aside from my initial feeling of excitement ohmygodwhatdoisay?! , all I could think was “Oh. Hey. He’s …. short. Cool. ” And Tosca, was absolutely gorgeous. Very exciting to see them in person!

What they did first was really unique (I thought). They started at the back of the line, and walked the line, saying hi to everyone, waving, and just being awesome in general.

That, was cool. Made me smile- things were starting off on a good note.

Then, as soon as they sat down at the table, I mean, everyone and their dog took pictures. Some from the line, others walked up in front of the table, and took pictures.

Finally, everyone settled down, and the hunt for sharpies began.

The manager brought them Sharpies, but they were the thicker kind, and wouldn’t work well.

At this point, people in the line wer offering up their Sharpies.  I forget whose they ended up using, but eventually, Sharpies were found.

Then, the signing started.

The couple in front of us went, and — this was so neat — they had brought them peanuts and bacon! I guess it’s advertised on Facebook that Ted is obsessed with peanuts, and they had found out her vice was bacon… so they brought some with them.

Which, delighted the authors to no end.  I took a few pictures for them. Such a cool thing…

Then, entirely too soon, it was our my turn.

I walked up, and all of a sudden – my mind went completely blank. I forgot I was holding my purse… both the books, a water bottle… It was bad. I mean, you know those awkward moments you relive for days? Like when your favorite author asks your name, and you hesitate just a little too long before answering?! 

Yeah, that was me. Also, every single intelligent thing I wanted to say ?  Flew out the window. I wish I was kidding, but… I’m not.

While they were signing, Ted asked who Matt was , and added “Is he your silent stalker?”

Which, if you know Matt at all, you know that he got a kick out of it, and elected to keep silent. Later, he said that since Ted was an author, he was going to just let him draw his own conclusion.

At first, they weren’t going to have me tell them who he was, they were just going to guess.  Then, Ted gave up, pointing out that guessing never ends well. Someone is almost always offended.

So I introduced him, they all said hello, and before I could ask for a picture, he was waving me behind the table to take one with them.

We took the pictures, shook hands again , and entirely too quick for my taste, it was over.

I didn’t want to leave!

Not, that by staying I could covertly hop in line and talk some more, but… do you know what I mean? Moments like that, and the highs that come with them…. once you leave, they tend to fade away.

It was such an exciting experience. Nothing ground breaking or earth shattering.. but it’s definitely something that will stick with me for a while. They were so sweet to everyone, and like I said in the other blog about this – it really isn’t often that you get to meet someone whose work has had such an impact on you.

Oy, my word count for this entry is 2215. And I really have only blogged about half a day. There’s so much more I want to say, but it’s really more concerning their books in general, so, I’ll be saving that for another post. 🙂  The long and the short of it, is meeting them, seem to intrigue Matt, to a point. Now, finally, years after I tried to coerce him into it… he’s finally diving into the Circle Series.

It delights me to no end. I can’t wait to hear what he thinks… and it’s extremely difficult to keep my mouth shut about what happens to which characters!

Anyway. I have dinner waiting, and a very impatient husband waiting to read this blog, so, until next time…. Elyon’s strength. Dive deep. Wanna trip, baby? 



5 thoughts on “Dekker Disney Dinner Date – part 2.

  1. Marsuvees Black says:

    A most perfect entry my dear.

  2. […] here before about going to Oklahoma City to meet Ted & another author, Tosca Lee. ( here & here) That was a wonderful experience – we made an entire day out of it, we spent $75 dollars on […]

  3. […] for me. I was so excited to dive into Tosca’s work, I could hardly wait. Especially after meeting her! However, if we’re being completely honest,  I was considerably more excited for Demon. It […]

  4. […] for me. I was so excited to dive into Tosca’s work, I could hardly wait. Especially after meeting her! However, if we’re being completely honest,  I was considerably more excited for Demon. It […]

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