Books, diamonds… Same difference.

I know, I am lame with the titles. Whatever. Someday, I’ll get more creative, and I’ll have good ones for you.  Until then… bear with me?

Anyway.  Shortly after our trip to OKC to meet Ted Dekker… Matt and I sat down one night, to discuss finances.

Most of you who know me, or read this blog, know that Matt is a musician/sound engineer. And a comic geek, which, has unfortunately rubbed off on me.  Keeping that in mind, we have some interesting financial discussions. We make a lot of purchases “normal” people wouldn’t make….. and spend outlandish amounts of money on silly things like cords, comic book boxes, and random other things.

This being the case, it didn’t faze me at all when Matt told me he needed a new cord for the studio.  I smiled, nodded, and waited to hear the rest of the details.

I forget what kinda of cable it was he said he needed – but it was somewhere in between 100-200 dollars, I think.

And… for this —  I really think I should get bonus wife points or something —  I barely batted an eye.  I agreed, said we’d make it work out, and that was (basically) that. We didn’t talk a lot about it… I put the money in the bank, he ordered it. (it came out of our washer/dryer fund , really. No huge hardship.)

Then, a few days later, I get this text.

A text I really wish I had saved, if only to share it now.

He told me he’d ordered me the new 4 in 1 Ted Dekker Circle Series book.  With the alternate ending to Green.

Which. made me very happy. I’m excited for that – and if you haven’t read the books, you probably won’t know why. But in essence, someone travels back in time at the end of the last book. Which, implies that nothing changes, and he’s in an endless loop. So this slightly different ending, I’m happy about.  I have yet to read it though.

Then, in the next text he tells me he also rebought  me the Lost Books, a series of books also by Dekker, in the same universe.  I’m all giggly, and excited at this point.

But… the texts keep coming.

He’s also bought both of Tosca Lee’s books, Havah, and Demon.

He ordered House – (a signed special edition), and Blink.

Another text- he’d ordered me Boneman’s Daughters and the Priest’s Graveyard, by Ted.

Also…oh hey, another text.  The Martyr’s Song Series, and the Caleb books. Also by Dekker.

And then, he got the two small Christmas books, The Promise, and the Drummer Boy.

So… aside from the two non-fiction books, and a handful of unpublished books, we now own all of Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee’s books.

OH. OH. Right… and, there’s a cable.

A 5 dollar  USB cable, that Matt needed for the studio.

He’d totally duped me!

I’d never, EVER been so happy that I hadn’t argued over a musician purchase. I mean, can you imagine if I’d have fought him on this one!?

It seems silly… but I couldn’t have been more excited if he’d told me we were going to Disney. Or if we’d bought the Swarovski Stitch from the mall.  Even for diamonds, if you’d believe it. I’m easy to please.  One of my twitter friends, commented on my happy tweets about all the books, stating how lucky Matt was that I’m easy to please. 😉 Which, I am! No problems admitting that. I’m not much of a jewelry girl… Books work fine, thank you much.  (Actually, my husband and I had a disagreement the other day, we were all grumpy, and he brought me flowers. What did he say when he gave me them?  “I’m sorry, here. I’m out of books to get you – will flowers do?! )

It was just such a sweet notion… and to actually be able to say I have all the books by X author.. I don’t know. I’m a dork, but I love it.

Also — major dork moment…..there’s this book, and it’s present or mentioned in several of Dekker’s books, called the Blood Book.  Well, it wasn’t published or sold, but Dekker  did write one.

He gave it away to people who bought a certain amount of one of his books, for a promo.  He’s given away a few copies here and there, both physical and PDF.

Needless to say, it’s fairly rare. I’ve wanted one since I’ve heard of it… have tried to win one a few times, with no luck.   I think I’m finally reconciled the the idea that it’s just something I’ll never have….

I’ve caught Matt a couple times on the Ted Dekker tag on Tumblr, and he’s told me he looks on Ebay a few times a week, to see fi someone’s selling theirs. It’s so sweet, but again, I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.

So one day, he tells me that he was perusing these forums….. and he found a girl who had a PDF copy. Who — agreed to send it to him!

And, above that — he found a place online that will print out anything you send them, and bind it into a book!

So now, I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around that thought…. but I have my own Blood Book!  It’s so sweet, and really cool. I would still love an “official” copy, and will for sure buy one in the unlikely event that Ted ever decides to put them on sale…….

And- the last thing (yes, this mushy sappy post will eventually end. Promise.) I finally convinced Matt to start reading the Circle Series.  He’s not finished with Black yet — but he really seems to enjoy it. Which, makes me happy to no end.   More often than not, he’s the one getting me into things. Comics, movies he likes, music he likes, etc etc.  I mean, there have been a few things or habits of mine that have rubbed off on him, ( coffee addiction, Disney..) but this is a little different. I’m loving the fact that I’ll have someone else to discuss the books with, but that I’m able to introduce something that means a lot to me — to someone so special to me. It’s just really neat, and I don’t know if I’m happy or sad that my inner book nerd is finally coming out again. 🙂

I think it’s a good thing…. but combined with Matt’s blu ray habit….. it could end badly.


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