The Demon that Stalked Guthrie!

This is a little past overdue – I’ve been meaning to blog about it… I just haven’t had the time.

Now, most of you who read this blog, know me personally.  Which, chances are, you’ve seen that Matt is playing in a band called The Secret Post. They aren’t my type of music, as a rule, but the songs are really growing on me.  They’re definitely talented, whether the music is quite my taste or not.

However, they tend to put on some theatrics when they perform. Primarily, in the way they dress. I could explain it, and it would certainly be a fun exercise in descriptive terms…. but in some cases, it’s just easier to show. And trust me, if I show you, it’ll make telling the rest of the story so much more fun. 🙂

First off, here is a picture of my husband normally.

See? Perfectly normal, no? We’ll call this the Clark Kent picture. Mild mannered, accountant/draftsman.

Now, here is a picture from The Secret Post’s most recent photo shoot:

Seeing the difference? Okay, now keep that in mind while I tell you this story…

Okay.  Last month, the band had a show in Guthrie, and I was lucky enough to get to go with.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect – it was a small town, and to top things off – they were playing the after party for a zombie walk.

Kinda cool… but then again, it had potential to be a colossal train wreck. But, I assumed it’d just make for a fun time people watching.  I remember joking with Matt that with all the zombies walking (lurching?) around, that the band might stick out for looking too normal, for once.

Famous last words. I really should have kept my mouth shut.

Saturday morning, we got up, hit the coffee shop, and headed for Guthrie.  Since no one knew what the facilities would be like, or if the band would have any place to get ready…. Matt had gotten dressed before we left town.  I guess since it was a zombie themed show, the band ditched the semi polished suits look in favor of a more punk look. Which, is more than fine by me. No complaints here! 🙂

You know… maybe I just hang out with odd people, but this doesn’t seem  that strange to me..

So, we make it to Guthrie, with Matt in his punk gear, and all his makeup done, minus the lipstick . (Which, was a new addition anyway.) And true to form, I have to pee.

Rather than wait, and roll the dice on the portapotties that are likely in use for this Zombie run, we drive through Guthrie in search of a Wal-Mart.

It’s a small town, so finding one didn’t take long.  Surprisingly, we didn’t see any zombies.  To be honest, I’m a little disappointed. But, I digress.

We run into Wal-Mart, and…

Nope. Wait.   That’s a lie.

We didn’t quite make it into the store, and we’re already getting some leery looks from people. That should have been the tipoff, right there.

I giggled a bit, and made some off-hand joke. I don’t even remember what it was at the moment. I figured that was the end of it . A few funny looks, but… it’s a Wal-Mart. Certainly weirder things have been seen here, right?

Getting further into the store,  we can’t find the bathroom.

Well, we did find it, but of course it’s being cleaned.


Off we go, walking through the store, dodging glares (and, not at all subtle ones,) and hoping that there’s a bathroom back by the electronics/lay away area.

The entire way back, we get  more than our fair share of attention. Seriously? This is cracking me up at this point.  Older people, younger people, girls, guys – it doesn’t matter. It’s like we’re aliens that crash landed in the town. I don’t get it. Matt really wasn’t THAT strangely dressed…. thank the Lord he’d left the lipstick off…. otherwise… well, it probably wouldn’t have been pretty.

As we rounded a corner, a little kid caught sight of Matt, and his eyes got huge, and he hid behind someone he was with.

Great. We’ve gone from getting weird looks, to scaring little kids!

Before the kids parents can either go off on us, or tell the kid scary stories about Matt, he waved at the kid, and got a grin out of him. Whew. Safe!

Finally, we find that there is NO bathroom in the back, so it’s back to the front.

By now, I’ve tuned out the glares, though I’m pretty sure I Facebooked about the little kid Matt scared. On the way back to the front of the store, Matt got a call from one of the guys in the band, and they talked shop for a bit.

The lady was still cleaning the restroom, so I stood around for a bit, waiting.

Now, off to the side of the bathroom, there was a group of … gentlemen — believe me when I say I’m using the word EXTREMELY LOOSELY– standing around talking.

I only caught a few bits of the conversation, but one of the guys was very loudly telling his friends that it “was  amazing what you can wear in public nowadays and not get your a** kicked for it.. ”

Thankfully, I’m not confrontational at all. Otherwise, I might have died. These were three bigger, muscled, “manly” types, all decked out in camouflage. I’m not a fan of the word redneck… I know some people happily identify as rednecks, with no negative connotation….   However. That being said – you know when people make fun of Oklahomans? Or use the word “redneck” in a derogatory sense?

Yup. That was these guys.  They looked like they’d stepped out of a movie that lived to make fun of people from Oklahoma. You couldn’t write a better token character.

I’m standing there, mouth probably hanging wide open, in utter disbelief.  Chalk it up to naivety, or whatever, but I still am having a hard time believing these guys. I would NEVER have the gall to talk so openly and loudly about someone like that! I’d at least pretend that I didn’t want them to hear…  I literally looked around the store, to see if there was anyone else they could have been talking about.

Of course, there wasn’t.

I couldn’t get in and out of that bathroom fast enough. I was half worried they’d decide to lynch him while I was gone!

Which, apparently they were talking and openly staring at him the whole time I was in there.  It’s nice to know that we’re still in high school, isn’t it?

By now, Matt’s off the phone, and I filled him in on his admirers on the way out to the car.  Again, updating Facebook about the wonderful welcome that the citizens of Guthrie were giving us.

Next stop, McDonald’s.

Because Tina is starving, and we didn’t have enough time to go to a real restaurant. And, unhealthy as it is, I can eat chicken nuggets and fries in the car pretty quick.

So we order, and pull around to the first window.

The girl does an IMMEDIATE double take, and is wide-eyed. Doesn’t say anything though, and takes our money, and gives us a receipt, no big deal.

I think by now, we were both laughing. This was getting ridiculous. Do they not have any goth or punk kids at this high school?!  It doesn’t help matters that I’m still ranting about the idiots at Wal-Mart, and seriously considering calling all my friends, and all my sisters cosplay friends, to go party at the Guthrie Wal-Mart.

We pulled up to the second window, and waited.

This kid opens the window… he’s high school age, maybe just out of high school. I couldn’t tell.

Poor thing. He was so flustered. He kept asking what we’d ordered… forgot our drink. Matt reminded him – very nicely , in fact – but it didn’t help.  He was stammering, and throwing a ‘yes sir’ in almost every other word.

I leaned over, and tried to be super smiley and nice – but he looked so flustered and uncomfortable – it wasn’t helping.  I thought he was going to throw the water bottle at us, just to get us to leave!

I about lost it. I was so tickled. This NEVER happens. I hung out with people who dressed like Hot Topic poster kids in high school, and one Billy Idol wanna be. We hardly ever got a second look from people.  And this entire town, it seemed, was flipping out over some eye makeup and nail polish!

What made it even better – was that the town had the zombie walk going on. People had to know about it – they were trying to set a Guinness World Record, I think. It’s not like the event wasn’t publicized….. so, if they were expecting zombies…. why is the punk thing so strange?

I don’t know. It blows my mind.  It makes me want to dress all sorts of crazy and venture out, just to see how people react.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. It was freezing outside, AND in the building where the band played.  The bands (The Secret Post and Kill The Reflection) did great, the sound system wasn’t super amazing though.  And the venue was an old church, or grocery store though.

Admittedly, it was pretty amusing to watch the guys get ready, and apply makeup and nail polish. 🙂

I can’t begin to express how strange it is to stand and watch your husband apply bright purple lipstick. I just can’t. There are no words, at all for it. Surreal is a good place to start. Might I add that he did a damn good job, with a mirror and really awful lighting. I’m …. well, I’m jealous. 

He wouldn’t take my advice of putting some concealer or powder on his lips to make the purple truer. Next time….

I’m still not quite used to the punk look.

They have a show coming up on November the 17th… and I’ve heard some  bits and pieces about the wardrobe choices for that show….

It’s… going to be interesting.

I’ll definitely have to take pictures and post them here for you guys.:)

In the meantime, does anyone want to go to Guthrie and scare some poor townspeople? 😉


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