Days 2-3, a Pretty Little Grinchmas….

First off, if you didn’t catch the first installment of the story, go check it out.

Or, not. Really, it doesn’t matter.  But, you’ll probably understand what’s going on a bit more if you check it out.  If not, then hey – fantastic. Whatever floats your boat, yeah? 🙂

And, for those of you wondering, I really am over the disappointment of not having a brand new bunny.  And am ELATED that I have no new Starbucks gear.

Anywho. Everyone caught up?  Cool.  Moving on…


So. After opening the tofu, I started to get brave, and try and think of some guesses as to what the other presents could be. Matt had asked me a few times, and I couldn’t think of a thing. Of course, I’m sure if it had been any other month BUT December, I would have had a million and one ideas – it’s just nothing was coming to mind.

But now, I started to wonder.   Maybe he ordered my miso paste? That was on the same Amazon wish list as the tofu.  What about the knock box that we’d talked about ordering practically since we bought the espresso machine?   Did he pre-order Iscariot? Find any other books?

But, I’d also been told that none of the presents were things that I needed.  In my eyes, that meant the knock box was a no go. That, was a need. It’s all sorts of awkward knocking out the espresso puck into the sink, or the trash can. Especially when you’re making drinks for company. Not exactly visually appealing, the trash can.

The next morning rolls around – and wouldn’t you know – I had NO trouble getting out of bed early. 5:45 am? No sweat.  Can’t lie though, I was a touch groggy . I perched on the couch next to the tree and the presents,  trying my best not to be overly giddy while Matt booted up the computer.   (I see no Oscar Awards in my future either, just sayin’)

True to his personality, he wasn’t doing this halfway.  If we were going to do this randomly, then it was going to be randomly done RIGHT. Enter, a number randomizer.

Ahem, sorry.

A TRUE number randomizer.

Details of it are on the site, but it in essence, using formulas to give you a true, random selection. Good for contests, blog giveaways, etc.

Of course, now that I’ve told you that…. I have a tiny confession to make.  Although I remember what I opened, and somewhat of what order it was in …. I don’t remember the original numbers of the presents.

Oops?  Guess I’m a bit more like the overexcited kids at Christmas time than I thought….

So.  I hit the button on the computer, and my number came up.

Grinning more than I probably should have been, I opened the present.

Drumroll please…..


Ta Da!

The first four books in the Pretty Little Liars book series by Sara Shepard!

We’ve been watching the show, and I had mentioned in passing, wanting to check out the books.  I didn’t want to buy them though, as they were young adult books, and I was nervous I wouldn’t enjoy them.

Also, I was a touch spoiled on some of the plot points – the series started when Matt and I were in Disney our first time, and we saw the pilot.   Intrigued, I googled the book series.  I wanted to know who killed Ali! Now, three seasons into the show, I come to find out that they still haven’t revealed the killer? OR this huge, vital plot twist?  Yes. Books were a must.

I shouldn’t have worried.  Now I have books 1-10, the two companion books, and 11-12 are on their way. 🙂  I’m hooked, and it’s a horribly guilty pleasure.   The latest companion book had SUCH an interesting thing presented in the LAST chapter of the book – I won’t spill it here if you are wanting to read them… but it changes the dynamic of much of the series.  I’m hoping she follows it up and explains it!

Ecstatic about the books, I couldn’t wait to see what I was going to get the next day. This a-present-a-day thing is nice! Except for the awkward thank-yous. I’m horrid at accepting gifts and compliments. I need to get better at that!

The next morning… well, if I remember correct, I was a little less happy to be awake and opening a present. The bed was calling my name. I didn’t WANT to be awake, really.

But, I got up, did our randomizer ritual, and tore into another present.

ImageI give you, The Pierces.  

The first track on this CD, is the theme song for Pretty Little Liars. (I KNOW. How funny they’d coincide! It was all random, not planned at all!)

This ended up being one of my FAVORITE presents.  Matt usually harasses me about my taste in music, and how he has to “educate” me. (I know, I know.  I like my crappy music, as well as his good music, but, ah well.)  It was really nice to have the CD, just because, I know it wasn’t something he got me solely because of the PLL association. We’d talked about them a little before, he’d checked them out, and really liked their style as well.

Kinda nice, to have some “Matt approved” music around. 🙂

They’re really interesting to watch, apparently.   Vocally, they make me think of a whole slew of bands. Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Vanessa Carlton… they have plenty of variety on the CD.  Definitely worth looking into, but I haven’t heard any of their latest stuff – I plan to though!

And, once again, I’m going to cut the blog short.  It’s amusing, really – the next two days mesh really well together too, so I figure I’ll combine them into one post, too. 🙂

Until then, have a good night. 🙂


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