Book Review – Tosca Lee – Demon: A Memoir

 “My story is very closely connected to yours. My story is ultimately about you. ” 
Two lines of text had never had such an impact on me before. So much foreshadowing… not only for the characters in the book, but for you and I, as well.
And I almost completely missed it.
Demon: A Memoir was the first solo book I’d read by Tosca Lee.  I’d read Forbidden and Mortal, part of the trilogy she co-penned with Ted Dekker. I enjoyed the collaboration so much, my husband immediately ordered both Demon and Havah for me. I was so excited to dive into Tosca’s work, I could hardly wait. Especially after meeting her!
However, if we’re being completely honest,  I was considerably more excited for Demon. It seemed a much more complex, possibly controversial story. I love things like that.
Essentially, the book is about Clay, a writer who is visited by Lucian, a demon who wants him to write his story.   I don’t want to give too much away, but that much you get off of the back of the book, so I don’t feel like I’m keeping you from discovering anything.
Going into the book, I had very high expectations.  I’m a diehard Dekker fan, and the suspense and twists in his books have become a staple for me.  The Books of Mortals series that he and Tosca wrote together, were no different.  That, combined with the promise of reading a story that would reveal the inner workings of a demon’s mind, had me practically clawing the cover off the book.  I couldn’t start the book fast enough.
 However, it ended up being a touch problematic. While the prose was beautiful –practically lyrical in style, there really wasn’t anything dramatic, or action packed. At least not in the manner I was expecting.
Tosca made it very easy to see the events of the book happening in your mind’s eye. From the mundane, simple scenes, to a few key, breathtaking scenes, (trust me, you’ll know them when you read them!)  I felt like I was physically in the book. I had no trouble visualizing anything. There weren’t parts I couldn’t understand. None of the prose felt jarring or unsettling.  Really, the book was amazing.
But, then the end came. The crucial moment I had felt slowly building through the whole book. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for this huge revelation. Some explosive conflict. A giant confrontation that just couldn’t end well.
And then, it just ended.   I mean, it was a definitive end. It fit the story, and fit the book.  Nothing was left open-ended.
I stopped, and shut the book.   I opened it again, and reread the end pages, and shut the book.
Really? REALLY?!  I wasn’t buying it.
Flipping a few pages, I read some of the author’s notes, looking for a reason that it ended the way that it did.
It snuck up on me! I didn’t have any warning! It just happened! I was so involved in what was going on, I didn’t see it until it was done! I had all these expectations… all these things I wanted to know…… and then, it was just over.
And then, the lightbulb clicked.
I can’t tell you much more, without ruining the book.  But, really, that’s the eeriest aspect of the book. In so many ways, my reaction to it, was EXACTLY like Clay’s. It didn’t help matters that I was criticizing Clay’s actions as I read the book…. in the end, I reacted the very same way that he did.  In a way, it’s ironic – quite amusing.  But on the other hand, it’s alarming.
All too often, the true dangers in life don’t come with any warnings. No literary monologues to let us know to watch out, and keep us in suspense.  Something seemingly innocent can creep into our lives, and quietly lodge itself into our hearts and our souls. For better or worse.
I’ve retyped the past few paragraphs more times than I can count.  I’m bouncing in my seat, I REALLY want to tell you what happened. It’ll make so much more sense if I do.
But I can’t. I won’t. I don’t want to ruin it for you. And I want to know your opinion.
All I guess I can really do, is give you the same advice we see Clay give someone else in the end of the book.
 Read his story.  Pay close attention – don’t miss out, the way that we did…

Have you read the book? Let me know what you think!  Also, have you seen the trailer for Tosca’s new book coming out?!  I’m beyond excited. Watch it, let me know what you think!   


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