Day 7-8, The Girl with the … weird looking soy paste?

Allrighty then.

That last magic trick of posting the last couple days out-of-order?

You have the WordPress’ scheduling feature, and my husband’s impatient-ness to thank for that one.   I typed them up on the same night – along with the Tosca Lee book review, and scheduled them to post one a day.  I thought I was being resourceful. Not too many updates at once, but one a day, so it actually looks like I’m being productive, and posting regular, long, well thought out blogs. (Stop laughing!)

Well, I was almost right.

The first day came and went – no blog post.

The husband loved that one.

We waited, and the next day ….. still nothing.

Impatient Matt’s been after me to blog about this 13 Days of Christmas since I started opening presents.  Needless to say, the man of the house was none too pleased with this delay.

So, thinking on my feet, I hopped onto my cell phone, and started trying to tweak the time it was scheduled to post.

Several attempts and 20 minutes later, it finally posted!

…. Of course, it posted BEFORE the other blog entry.   Chronological order is overrated anyway, right? 😉

Ah well.  At least you guys can’t say it’s too boring over here – I try to keep you on your toes.. (fingertips?)

For anyone who missed the previous installments of this story, you can catch them all here, under the 13 Days of Christmas tag .

Now, onto Day 6.

Used to, back in middle school, I’d read all the time. We’re talking, a book a day. In elementary school, the librarian let third grade me, pick up 5th grade books to take home and read.  I fell out of the habit some time in high school. I read, but there was a much smaller selection of books.  I didn’t just pick up random books in the classroom library, or bring home two paper bags full of books from the public library.

But lately, thanks to stumbling onto the Ted Dekker books, (and by proxy, Tosca’s.) and the Hunger Games series, I’ve been reading much more. Young adult books. Adult books. Fiction. Comic books. Scary books, silly books, you name it.  Still not as broad a spectrum, or as speedily as I did in middle school, but I’m getting there.   That nagging need to finish a book is returning.

Unfortunately, so is the uselessness that I become while reading a book.   Often, when I get into a book, I’m incapable of doing much else.  I want to shut the entire world out, responsibilities and all, until I find out what happens in this little fictional world I’ve entered.

Which, as an adult, that’s much more difficult to do, than as a kid.

However, it’s happening, and I’m grateful to be back in a state of mind where books are more valuable to me than diamonds. Or flowers.  Bouquets are pretty – but I’d much prefer a stack of books, thank you much. (And, the husband knows this. So we’re good. 🙂 )

Not long ago, we watched the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Fantastic movie, albeit awkward as anything in a few parts. (Seen the movie? You know what I mean. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cringe, or cheer for Lisbeth.) We loved it. Matt kept telling me that I should pick up the books, and check them out.

Actually, I lied.  I think even before we got the movie, he was trying to talk me into getting into them.  And honestly? I wasn’t too interested at first . I had other books at home I needed to read, and I didn’t want to spend the money just yet.

But now, I was definitely interested. It’s just been a matter of when we had the money, and could I justify buying another book when I still had a few that I haven’t read yet.

Naturally, I wasn’t at all surprised when I opened up my present for Day 6.



Obviously, he’s done with my excuses, and isn’t going to wait any longer for me to get the book!

I think he secretly just wants to read it himself, but is using me as an excuse to buy it. 😉

All kidding aside – I’m so happy.  He’s getting back into reading fiction! He’s much more of a biography/comic book person. Fiction novels aren’t quite his thing.  But, I’ve star


ted him on Dekker books, and he’s reading the Ian Fleming James Bond books. 🙂  Very proud that I’m helping convert him into a book nerd like me. 😉

Moving on… the next present doesn’t really have an exciting back story.  It was another one I thought might pop up though.




After a brief scare of seeing a comment on Amazon mention that it had to be shipped refrigerated (oh god….. ), we did some fast Google work, and realized we were safe. Whew.

Very excited for the miso.  I’m addicted to miso soup , and there are several cheese type vegan sauces I want to try, but they called for miso, and we didn’t have any.  I also had a miso gravy recipe, and a few other recipes in my cookbooks that called for it.   Hooray for having yet another strange ingredient to add to our growing collection. (Fun fact: There are 8 boxes of silken tofu in my pantry, hanging out with the nutritional yeast, and two boxes of regular, extra firm tofu in my fridge. Am I a hippie yet?)

Here, the days sort of get muddled.   We got a little antsy here and there… some days were bad days, so I got to open multiples… Really, the days all sort of blended together.   I do think I’ll keep posting them like I’ve been though. It makes things easy to read, and less confusing.

So, for the sake of pretending I’m not an overgrown child who relishes in opening early Christmas presents, we’ll act like I did everything in an orderly fashion.

And those of you who know me better? Try to suppress the laughter, would you?

Day 8 coming soon. 🙂


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