Days 9 and 10 – Because I’m being threatened….

Seriously. Matt, is threatening me.

Before he left the house, there was a big ordeal.   I had to pinkie promise that I’d update this blog…. or, there’d be a big ‘or else’ looming over my head.


Now, I won’t tell you what I’m being threatened with, because this is a family friendly blog.  But, let me just say, as a married woman with a very attractive husband — there are privileges I’m not exactly keen on losing.  Get my drift?


So , blog I shall! As always, previous entries on this subject are here, (Oh, lord — will Christmas ever end?) 


Now, I know what you’re thinking. Miso is really a hard act to follow…. whatever could be wrapped in those presents that could possibly measure up?!?

The first box, was quite a bit heavier than anything I was thinking could be under the tree. I couldn’t even think up a guess.  So, without any further pomp and circumstance, here’s what I opened…


knockboxA knock box!

Hallelujah. Because knocking the dry espresso grounds into the sink and the trashcan is just a little unnerving to company. And not at all enticing to look at…  It’s pretty cool too. Heavy duty, and the box itself sits in a stand, so when you knock the portafilter against it, it won’t rattle around and hit your machine or grinder.

I wish I could say the weights were there for some sort of cool, intentional purpose, like to compare the weight of the box…. but they aren’t.   I believe Matt was going to work out that morning, and they were out.

Case of lazy photographer syndrome at its finest, folks.

Moving forward….

We’re members of the Disney Movie Club. Which is all fun and exciting — if you stay on top of it.

Each month, there’s a featured title. If you don’t click the link in your email, call them, or return the mailer saying you aren’t interested, they send out that featured title to you, billing you for said title. (You must buy 5 titles for your first year, but that’s the only catch, really.  )

Well, when we joined, no one told us that certain months, had two titles.  December, and February, I think.

So lo and behold, Brave shows up one day, along with this additional companion title. Pixar shorts, I think?

We’re completely perplexed.  (And, did we mention broke? We didn’t have an extra 47 dollars for two movies this month. Hello, overdraft!!!)

So, jumping through hoops, phone calls, and a super kind cast member who took pity on us, we were able to get the money refunded immediately, and they sent us out a return label.

Whew. Crisis averted! Christmas is saved! (So are our wallets!!!!)  Kind of a shame though, I still hadn’t seen the movie…..

Then, here comes day 9…. and what do I see in my present?


I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

No wonder it was such a big deal to make sure we returned the other copy! We certainly didn’t need two copies floating around…

Which, have you guys seen this movie?! I don’t understand some of the negative reviews it got. I absolutely loved it! And the music?! Gorgeous!



Okay. I’ve typed my daily blog. I do believe that means my jailor can let me go, and I can go about my daily business…..

Only 4 days left! I can see freedom! The light…. it’s there…..


Sorry for the melodrama….. It’s 7 am , and I’m drinking green tea with lemon, instead of coffee. 😦  It’s not conducive to waking up, or rational thought.  In retrospect, not my brightest idea…..

Hope you all have a wonderful day. 🙂



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