Day 11. No Gods, Only Cotton Poly Blends…

I know, I know. Way behind on the Christmas topic.  It’s February – and like, 70 degrees outside here in Oklahoma. 

So, the weather thinks its practically summer… I think I’m completely justified in pretending I’m not ridiculously behind on this Christmas blogging thing. 

Either way it’s my blog. And I procrastinate.  So.. we’ll just say, “Nyah nyah, it’s still Christmas here,” and move on. Capisce?


i am very much so not a gamer. Matt, on the other hand, both likes, and is good at different styles of video games. Shooting, fighting, even those really annoying ones where you have to think and make your brain work to follow clues or a story… 

Fortunately for him, those in depth video games, are right up my alley as well. 

Not that I can play them – don’t get me wrong. I really do suck at anything that requires a controller…  But I love watching them.  He has a few games whose stories are absolutely fascinating, but since I know enough to realize I’d never figure out half of the story playing on my own, I settle for curling up and watching the game like I would a movie. 

One of these games, is Bioshock. 

It’s an extremely weird, screwed up game about a post apocalyptical society, under the ocean. 

I won’t spoil it for you, but… Trust me. All sorts of mind bending in this game. 

So, we found these T shirts online years ago. They weren’t an officially licensed item, but just something a guy had thrown together, and was selling online. 

It was the Disney logo, but with a few modifications.   Instead of saying Disney, it said “Andrew Ryan,” the leader of this fictional city in the game. Also, instead of the iconic castle, the logo had the skyline of the city, complete with water bubbles. 

Coolest. Thing. Ever. 

Sadly, the guy didn’t have female sizes. Or a color Matt liked.  So we passed on it. 

Which, made opening the eleventh present so much more fun: 

ImageI absolutely love it. 

And I’m totally wearing it the next time we go to Disney… 🙂 


I thought about putting another day in this post… but … nope. Can’t do it.    The present for the next day was… well……… special. And we’ll leave it at that, until I’m forced to write about it tomorrow. 


Well.   We’ll just say that the writing in the blog, will be a better read than the original. 50 shades better, even… 




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