13 Days of…. what?! Seriously?!? No way am I actually finishing this….

Yes, the world is ending, and I’m actually finishing this set of blog posts. 

Which, sadly, means that for the moment – Matt will have nothing to harass me about daily! Poor thing, whatever will he do….. 😉 


Anyway.  Again, before I opened this last present, he prompted me to guess.

And of course, I had no idea. No guesses. Everything I would have guessed, I’d already opened.  So I was quite literally tapped out. 

After opening it though, I about fell over. 



We’d bought the first one not long ago…  and i’d really lingered by the shelf the past few times we were at Best Buy for these.

There aren’t many movies that I would be dying to buy.  That’s usually Matt’s department. The diehard media collector.  And by collector, I mean that in every sense of the word.  We’ve gotten sequels just because we’ve had the first… we’ve bought out of the country blu rays so that the covers match, or beause features or better, or because on the US version, there was a tiny blip in the audio an hour in. (I’m not kidding…..) 

So, for me to be the one to really want a movie series – is rare. 

It also made it that much more surprising when I was told no. (Or, more like, maybe next time…) 

Of course, I didn’t know at the time the movie was already at his office.  Oops… glad I didn’t put up a fight for that one… 

Ridiculously excited to see the 3rd movie. Run on or not, i love those movies. 🙂  Very happy girl. 


So now, I’m thinking our Christmas is over. 

We do the family things, and enjoy those– well, as much as we can. We did leave one early, when Facebook notified us the house right down the street from us, and the one next to it, was engulfed in a chimney fire.   The collector in my husband was already running through his phone, planning out who he’d call to help unload gear, if the fire spread to the next house….

Fast forward to Christmas morning. 

Not a big deal. We slept in a bit… there are no kids, and nothing to open.  At one point, Matt asked me to go get his glasses off the table in the living room. 

Except, they’re on the foot of the bed. 

Not thinking anything of it, I point them out, shake my head, and continue doing whatever. (It being Christmas, you’d think I’d think a bit….) 

Finally, I make it out to the living room….  to find this: 

ImageIt’s a half eaten Oreo, with a letter from the Grinch. 

I don’t want to type it all out here – I have to keep some things to myself!!– but it was super sweet.   It was written like a cross between the Grinch who Stole Christmas, and the Night Before Christmas.   It told a story of the Grinch, Stitch, and the Beast basically taking on the role of Santa.  (And, apologizing for making a mess of the Oreo..) 

It was the cutest thing ever. 

And I cried. 

More than I should admit.  I’m such a sap. In fact, I’m tearing up right now.  I’m absolutely ridiculous! Good grief…… 

It was my absolute favorite thing I got from anyone this Christmas. It was sweet, sappy, personalized… like something out of a Disney or a Lifetime movie.  Absolutely perfect. There’s no way that anyone could have ever topped that for Christmas. ❤ And it’s very unlike Matt to do. He’s very much the type of person who is perfectly happy with media as a gift.  Doesn’t have to be a surprise, fancy, mushy, sentimental for him to like it.  Which of course, made me that much more in weepy happy wife mode.  Poor guy. I’m not sure he was expecting the buckets-o-tears reaction…. but he sure got it! 🙂 


Of course, it also makes me want , if I ever have children, to tell them the Grinch and other Disney characters will visit them instead of Santa…… am I a horrible person for that? 😉 



Oh my! 

I think I’ve actually done it. 

I have finished the Christmas blogs! 

I’m free!! 😉 

(Happy Anniversary, Matt! :P) 

Now… to find something new to write about … maybe Iscariot. This book is wrecking my emotions… and I meet the author again Saturday! That’ll make a good story…. I have this funny feeling it’ll be a riot…. ) 



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