About Me…


My name is Tina Daniels, I’m married to a wonderful man, and live in Owasso, Oklahoma.

We have two cats, both a little neurotic, and a veritable menagerie of music equipment that live in our house. They play very nicely with their new friend, the Vibiemme espresso machine.

I’ve slowly gotten myself back into reading, and have fallen in love with Ted Dekker, and Tosca Lee. Between the two of them, there isn’t a bad book in the bunch. Check them out!

Also, I’ve gotten sucked into the DC Comics universe. It’s a horrid black hole of addiction. I don’t expect to make it out.  It’s been nice knowing all of you…

I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when I was born. In simple terms, it means I had fluid on my brain that wouldn’t circulate/drain properly.  Since reality is never simple, the answer wasn’t simple, either. Doctors had to go in and install a shunt, (a flexible valve/tube ) that would drain the fluid to another part of my body, that was capable of draining it.  Miraculously, strabismus (a crossed eye) was my only real complication — and I’ve never had any shunt problem. And that’s rare. Ask any hydro-head, they’ll agree.

My mom had a stroke my freshman year in high school, and was left half paralyzed. I stay with her during the day to help her out with things, while my younger sister is at work. My dad passed away in 2007 from lung cancer. My brother and his family live around the corner from her.

Needless to say, things can get pretty stressful. It’s not always easy to balance commitments there, and at home with my husband . But, unfortunately, being a grownup isn’t all its cut out to be.

I’m an espresso nut. And somewhat of an elitist, to the chagrin of most people I know.

I have three tattoos – and they are wonderful conversation pieces . Blessedly, I’ve gotten more positive comments than negative ones.

I would live in Walt Disney World, if I could. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is gorgeous.


I also enjoy talking to people – so please, message me and say hello!

I also have Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. If you’d like the link, just ask. 🙂



One thought on “About Me…

  1. Odette B. says:

    I found it interesting that I would find a blog like yours on the internet when I was searching for famous people with hydrocephalus. I have the condition myself, and it seems we share the same luck with regards to our experiences. (Sorry for the more than formal language, people say I talk like a professor, :)) Do you have a Facebook page…….. I would really like to talk to you. After all, it’s rare to find a woman with hydrocephalus who has the same awkward problems with woman like myself. I truly thought I was reading the words of my twin, ha! Anyway, hoping to talk….


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