So. This was my second week doing Zumba–I’m for sue hooked!

I’m feeling pretty confident about it, I wasn’t COMPLETELY lost the first time, and this time I remembered two of the dances, and then on dances I didn’t remember, I followed the steps a bit easier … though I’ll admit the arms were sometimes a lost cause. . .

(And… at first, I needed a water break every song… but that isn’t important!!)

I’m pretty sure I’m one of the last ones to jump on the Zumba bandwagon, but for anyone that doesn’t know- it’s basically a dance workout, consisting of mainly latin type dances. Although, the class I’m going to uses a few other songs they use, (pretty sure some others do too, guess it just depends on the instructor!) Which, is nice. Gives some variety, and I like working out to songs I recognize!

This was an hour of non-stop dancing! Which, for me, was absolutely fantastic. I’m always looking for an excuse to dance… and lately, RadioRadio shows have been about it. So, its nice to be able to get it out of my system. 😛 Either way, it’ll be a good way to help try to get in shape. I’m not really overweight or anything, but as far as muscle goes, or being able to walk/run long distances?  Not a chance. I’ve been working out a little around the house, doing crunches and the like, but it gets really monotonous. Even the little I’ve gotten to play around with my sister’s Wii Fit has been fun, and it tracks your calories and all, but it seems very slow going… I can see it doing me more good if I was to just  remember the moves, and coming home and doing them myself. Over…and over.

This Zumba thing is pretty fun, once you accept that you stand a very good chance of looking silly until you get the hang of it. That, actually, was the first thing my sister and I talked about before we attended the class. We’ve both done dance, and marching band, but it’s been years.

And, the YouTube videos can be terribly intimidating…. but in the class I go to – almost no one looks that good. A few come close, and no one really looks lost, but it’s all regular people, and most look like they are having fun, even if they don’t get all the steps right.

This class is free (it’s a ministry, W.o.W. Fitness is the group that does it, they have a page on Facebook if you’re interested. There’s a Yoga alternative and a weight pumping class too, I think.) and meets every Tuesday and Thursday at Owasso First Assembly Church. I think I’m going to only go every Thursday, since I’ve started spending Tuesday evenings at my Mom’s house, so my sister can go out and have some fun, and not worry about getting home before Mom needs something again.    She’s been going with me to Zumba too, so that’s been really fun. Not that we get much of a chance to talk…. but we really haven’t spent any significant time together not at Mom’s house … since back before Dad died, I think.  We went to the store a few times together, but I honestly think that’s really about it, as sad as that is .. So this has been really nice in that aspect. Definitely something I think that we needed…