So, my husband must have endless amounts of patience…

He’s agreed to teach me bass!

It’s pretty exciting. Though, my fingers seem to disagree. ­čÖé They’re a little smaller, and don’t seem to like to stretch to reach the frets… But callouses are starting to form! It’s so entertaining to me, although Matt keeps reminding me that they aren’t quite callouses yet. Much more like something akin to a blister.

First lesson, I learned the basics. What the parts were called, that each fret is a half step, and the string names.┬áSo far, I’ve only learned a few licks, but it’s plenty for me to practice while I’m still getting used to the mechanics of it.

FIrst, there’s Smoke on the Water, which… I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard before, but the bass line is exceedingly easy, & repetitive. Matt says it’s “everybody’s first song.” ┬áNo complaints from me…. ┬áThen, there’s the intro to Crazy Train. Which, again, is really simple. But still gives me a little bit of variety. Finally, there’s part of Interpol’s song, Evil. It’s a little more difficult for me, makes me stretch a lot, but is another one that’s convenient to play as a loop. I don’t believe I’ve heard that song either. I need to look it up….

Either today or tomorrow, I’m learning scales. Which, when I practice later tonight, I’ll try to figure them out on my own. I know that each fret is a half step, and we have a theory book that has the formula for figuring out major and minor scales. Might as well give it a shot!

Anyway. Gonna hop off of here for the night. The cats are getting themselves into trouble, and Matt’s playing through Arkham Asylum again… this game is so interesting to me!