Hydrocephalus Info. (blogs, resources, etc.)

For now, this page is under construction. 🙂

Hopefully soon, it will be filled with useful, helpful information. Non-profit organizations, resources, interesting blogs to read…. you name it!

Please, if you have a link, or some information you want listed, let me know! tina_daniels@ymail.com

Hydrocephalus Information

Hydrocephalus Wikipedia page. 

Hydrocephalus Crisis Hotline: H.E.A.R US: Hydrocephalus Equality Awareness Research United Society
Crisis support line up and running! 1-800-592-4450.

This is a “free” 24 hr. crisis line for anyone in need of support regarding Hydrocephalus (Hc) and related conditions. Calls are answered by individuals, who have experience “crisis moments” related to Hc.

Hydrocephalus Bloggers

My Broken Cranium

Project Brain Drain 

Pepper Knows Best – I have Hydro, Hydro Doesn’t Have Me

Holdin’ Out For A Hero


Hydrocephalus Organizations

I am not personally involved with all the organizations listed below. I’ve worked with two personally. Simply listing them here as a resource. Some of these organizations are local. Some are national. Some bigger, some smaller. Some organizations have different approaches, or do things differently than others, but all in all, we’re all here for the same cause.  I would suggest, before donating money to any of these organizations (or, any organization for any kind of reason)  — do your research. Google. Email. Talk to people. 🙂  Find out where your money will go. 

Hydrocephalus Association (USA)

Hydrocephalus Foundation (USA)

Hydrocephalus Support Association (AU)

Hydro Angels Over Texas (USA)

See incorrect information? Want to add information? Email me : tina_daniels@ymail.com 

If you use Twitter, and you twitter about hydrocephalus — please, please use the hashtag : #hydrocephalus .  This makes it easy for people to find information about hydrocephalus by simply clicking the hashtag. It also is a good way to connect and meet others with the condition. A side effect of this also, we could see hydrocephalus as a trending topic on the Twitter home page. So please, help us out, and remember — the hashtag is thy friend. 😉


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