Not long ago, after a particular night out – I’d came to the decision that I just wasn’t happy with the way that I looked — or felt about how I looked, which you could argue is just as important.  Which, is not a fun place to be. I’ll spare you most of the details, (if nothing else , for the space!) but what it boiled down to, was that I would start out an evening/event feeling great – even confident sometimes.  But, by the end of whatever was going on, no matter what I was wearing or did makeup wise, I felt absolutely ridiculous next to everyone else.  Obviously, that’s a problem that’s going to be at least 75% mental… but that doesn’t make it any easier to tackle.

My poor husband had to listen to — and translate sniffly snobs — all of this one night.  I don’t know if it’s because he’s looking from the outside in, or if he’s just smarter than I am ;  but he came up with a semblance of a solution. Or, a starting point at least.

I’d mentioned that it frustrated me that I literally always buy the wrong shades of makeup.  And that aside from the basic, basic coverup and a bit of color, I was makeup clueless. Contouring? What’s that??! Wish I knew though. People do amazing things with JUST base makeup, highlighter, and blush. Forget the fancy theatrical stuff – I want the basics!!

So, here comes the bargain.  If I tossed every piece of makeup I owned — every single one — he’d take me and buy me a whole new set of makeup. Good quality makeup, at a place where they’d teach me how to apply it.

Which, was awesome.  I , of course, said yes. I’ve never bought a huge chunk of makeup together.  Well, no. That’s not true.  Before we got married, I bought Laura Mercier powder and concealer. $60. That’s the most expensive purchase I’ve made to date.   But honestly?  The thought of tossing everything I had absolutely terrified me.  Not that they’re amazing products – because to be honest, they aren’t.  But… I guess it’s that they’re more of backups. Makeup is SO expensive.  It breaks my heart (and wallet?) to throw any of it down.    I  mean, I have some eyeshadows that are years old. And some backup foundation that isn’t the right shade, but if mixed with lotion makes a tinted moisturizer…. and 5 lipsticks that if mixed with the ones in my holiday kit can come close to maybe looking good….

Okay. Nope. On second thought, it can all go. It’s probably not doing me much good.    I did though, keep my black eyeliner, and a red lipstick I bought the week before.  (With the concession that when the black went bad/ran out, I’d buy better quality black eyeliner.  )

So, after I did a ton ( A TON) of Googling, and watched a million makeup tutorial videos on basic looks, I had a somewhat well formed list of what I’d like to get together.  Then, had to promptly revamp the whole list.   Over half of it was from Carmindy’s makeup line, which of course, is now discontinued.  (A new one comes out in February though…)  So, I tried to just keep the general elements in mind, as we went to Sephora. Surely the girl helping me would be able to piece it all together, right?

Well, I was partially right anyway.  A little off on the gender part though….

At Sephora, I met my new best friend.   (Not really… but I could have kissed him when he got done. )

Holy gracious… this boy took me to school.  I felt like I had a Cinderella moment. Totally ridiculous.

We walked in, and were immediately approached by a consultant.  His eyes widened a little bit when I told him that I’d tossed all of my makeup, and needed to start over. With copious amounts of help and hand holding.   He nodded, and ran off.

Enter Larry, stage right.  Which , of course, made me nervous.   I haven’t always encountered people who know what they’re doing at Sephora. On occasion, I can tell I know more about a product just from Googling. And… I know nothing. So that’s always nerve wracking.   But, I figured I really didn’t have anything to lose.  Here’s hoping that this guy knew more about makeup than I did…

Thankfully, I didn’t need to worry.

He walked us over to the makeover studio area. It was really neat. Had a well lit mirror, (Perfect for cringing with a naked face!) comfy chairs, glass looking palettes to put the makeup on… really quite lovely.  He chatted with us for a minute, asked a few questions, gave me the once over, and took off.

In no more than ten minutes, this kid comes back with : foundation, concealer, setting powder, lipstick, blush, bronzer, an eyeshadow triad, eyeliner, and mascara.

Everything except one shade of lipstick (from a holiday kit, he just wanted to test it out) was the perfect shade.

I kid you not.  5 minutes with me, and he’s  seeing/ doing things that I’ve not been able to figure out in 27 years!

Honestly, it was all very basic, everyday wear colors.  But I seriously, felt like a new person.   My complexion was even… the eye colors really made my eyes pop out – and I did NOT look like an Oompa Loompa with the bronzer.  ( I gave up on bronzer about ten years ago…)  I couldn’t believe it. I’ve NEVER been able to do anything like that.  I mean, it was like comparing a stick figure picture, with a portrait.

The crazy thing was… it didn’t seem like he was doing much different than I was . Just little tweaks here and there in the application. (Having the right shades probably helped, too.)  For example, he used a huge fluffy brush to apply liquid foundation. I would have NEVER done that. Ever!

Needless to say , we ended up buying almost everything he put on me. We didn’t get the shimmer setting powder – we opted to get a starter kit that came with the foundation, slightly smaller setting powder and primer. Plus a small fluffy brush.

I’m still not up to Larry’s skill level, but I’m getting there. AND, I’ve started getting better with the filling in of eyebrows.  Though, it’s a little funny. With my now-purple hair, the normal colored powder is way too light. So, I fill them in the best I can, and then after I do my eyeliner – I take the smudgy brush I used on it, and go over my eyebrows.  Eggplant color, turns out, complements purple hair fairly well, without looking cartoon-y. 🙂

At first, I didn’t notice a huge difference. Which , was a touch disheartening.  But, I also was snapping pictures with a horrid camera phone. So, really I shouldn’t be surprised. 🙂   Anyway. I did notice in a picture a friend posted – silly expression aside!  Here, I’ll share.


Before… Not horrible, but very flat. I knew concealer and foundation. Sorta, anyway. 🙂

A picture my friend Rebecca snapped while pumpkin carving. Not the best picture of me ever, but you can definitely tell a bit of difference. Nothing drastic, just looks a little .. well, less flat. I love it.

So, it’s definitely a work in progress. And some days are really frustrating, because I -don’t- have any fun colors.  Silver eye shadow is on my “i-need-this” list. As is a blue. Maybe a green….

But.  Now that I have all this ‘big girl’ makeup, we put some ‘rules’ on makeup purchases.  To make sure that this doesn’t end up happening again. 1) No more cheap makeup.  Which, I tend to forget, and want to buy drugstore makeup.  But, then Matt reminds me of my talent for buying wrong shades. (It’s a super power really, someone call the League!)  And 2) Anything I want to buy, I need to either try on in store, or get a sample to take home. Whichever is more practical.  Which, really, is a good idea anyway.  Especially since it requires that someone show me how to use it.  I very much like that part..

So, we’ll see how it goes.  For now, I’m pretty happy. I don’t feel like I’m playing dress up or putting on a mask when I put makeup on – just feel like I’m accenting features I already have. That’s a definite plus.   And, I’m working on what I eat, and working out… trying to not ‘look pretty’, but to feel happy with myself, and pick up some confidence I lost somewhere.   Only. as I type this, I did NOT work out this morning, and I had Baja Jacks’ nachos last night for dinner. So, we’re talking a work in progress. 🙂

Though, you’d be surprised at how much a shiny purple curly mohawk seems to temporarily help the confidence department. 😉

Making a conscious effort to blog more.  I ‘owe’ my husband a million blogs I said I’d do.  He’s promised me a literal tour of local coffee shops this winter, if I get caught up. Bless you poor souls reading this, you have a LOT ahead of you to read.  Just remember that I love you… -T


Meaning, I’m being forced to blog .


(Really. I’m chained to the computer… someone please send help….)

You only THINK this is an exaggerated caricature....

You only THINK this is an exaggerated caricature….


As most of you know, my husband is a musician.  And by musician, I mean it in every sense of the word, excluding ‘classical.’

He writes and records his own music, for starters.  He’s successfully turned our home into the recording studio equivalent to the Batcave, (barring the Divorcizer– ask him about that one,) and he also plays bass in a fairly successful regional act, The Secret Post. (Fun fact. This was initially an ‘on the side’ project for him — but he’s practically as invested as the singer/founder of the group…..)

I’m not just being a braggy wife when I say they’ve been successful – they actually have garnered some international attention as of late.  They’ve gotten radio play and lots of love from Greece fans, and were contacted by not one, but two record labels.  (They announced today that they signed with the German label AF Music. Surreal, much?)

For some time now, Matt’s been hinting that he’d like to read a blog about ‘being a band wife.’  My reaction? Nope, nada, not happening.   I like to keep my bitching on that front to a not so public medium.    However, he’s kept at it, and a recent out-of-town gig – and the stories of shenanigans, and his fair share of female adoration – set off talks of a blog again.

So, here I am.  Writing the blog that’s bound to get me ostracized. 😉  If I disappear, look for the guys in eyeliner, make them ‘fess up, okay? (Huh. Look at that, I actually started a blog back in 2010 about this exact subject.  It has a paragraph talking about Excedrin, and a picture of a giant drum set in the middle of the living room… Eeks. Not a very positive tone at ALL, I’d say…)

Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure where to start. The term even annoys me.   Band wife.  There’s such a stigma attached to it. It’s practically dripping with stereotypes.

Think about it.  When you hear the term band wife, what pops to mind?

A few things do for me… and I’ve had my fair share of time as both fan girl, musician’s wife, and now a ‘band wife.’ So, here’s what pops in my head when I hear the term.

  •  A ‘bitch’ type persona, who thinks she has all the rights in the world, because she’s dating a pseudo-rock star.
  • A harping woman who loathes her husband’s career, constantly berating him.
  • That woman at the concerts shooting daggers from her eyes at any of the female fans.

Or worse….

  • That woman who thinks she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the band, clubs, payment, sound, and whatever else, just because she attends shows. 

Not exactly complementary images, right?

It gets better.  In this case, Google isn’t our friend.   I’ve seen ‘Band Wife Commandments,’ that for the sake of both our sanities, I won’t link to here. They anger me BEYOND reason.   Here’s a gem, that I found on a bass forum. (However reading through the post, bless them, there are a few people that I could kiss their feet.  It’s not all horrid! Woo-hoo.  But the farther I read, more idiots, and the OP who thinks his wife’s issues come from being ‘on the rag’.  Oh, geez… )

Additionally, doing a Google search, you find a LOT of blogs ran by “Band Wives.”    It’s not surprising,  really.

Realistically, there are only so many times you can talk to friends and family about some of the issues that come from being a band wife.  At first thought, it may not seem like much.   But trust me, there are some things that only people who have close relationships with serious musicians would understand.

For example..

  •  The stressed over the $2000 musical purchase your husband just made.
  • The fact that no less than 6 women hit on your husband at the last show.
  • Three of them, if you’re lucky, are diehard fans, and will likely  be at every single show the band plays, from now until eternity.
  • Facebook.  FACEBOOK.  I needn’t say more.
  • Roadtrips to pick up a $3000 synth. Who gets to ride in the front seat on the 6 hour drive home…
  • The makeup/outfits.  This is ridiculously hard to explain to some older family members. Or, just family who thinks it’s feminine. I kinda just want to say, “Here. Come to a show with me. All these girls obviously don’t mind it…”
  • Recording sessions. No WiFi/cell phones during sessions, because they interfere with the signal. Cats that must want to be featured on the CD’s.  Cats that get very angry when you try to hush them up. Cat’s that pee on you, to express their displeasure…

I could go on, but you get the idea. Or, at the very least, you’re starting to.  (My fellow friends/family of musicians are sitting there nodding. You know what I mean. You’ve been there.  Can I get an amen or anything? )

So many times, I’ve been telling a story to someone, and it had to do with the music aspect of our life, and mid conversation,  I could see the gears start to turn.   Even when the stories are toned down, I still get the “I-love-you-but-I-think-you-guys-are-crazy-why-do-you-put-up-with-this” vibe.


We really are crazy, there’s not a better way to describe it at all.

And if I’m being completely honest, a good amount of this ‘band wife’ concept, really sucks.   The most obvious being, the girls. Especially since on occasion, his uniform of choice involves makeup, and electrical taped nipples.


It really doesn’t matter whether the shows are local, or out of state, he gets hit on by someone, every show.   Or, he has girls down in front dancing for him. (Yes, yes. This is probably karma kicking me in the you-know-what for my dancing at concerts. I’ve accepted this, and am over it.) 

It’s really not so bad.  I’m not worried about him cheating, in the least.  Especially since I hear about all of it later.   But it is a bit daunting to hear about all the pretty, artsy, goth women who are throwing themselves (not a complete exaggeration, but I don’t want to get too detailed.) at the man you’re married to.  Especially when you’re sitting at home, plain, boring, and realizing you haven’t worn makeup in a week. Maybe more.

The worst part of all this?   It may not make sense, but the absolute worst part, is that they aren’t national/known worldwide .


Well, if they were, then it’d be a bigger scope of people hitting on him. As things stand now, a good portion of the girls who hit on him, I’ve either seen before, or will see again.  Some of them are in bands that travel the same circuits.  A few, we even know somewhat personally.  Which, is why I haven’t divulged any of the pickup lines, or personal details here.  (I’m not THAT mean.) 

Which.. on a side note. Ladies, just because someone is attractive – do you really want to take them home randomly from a club? It’s kinda a freebie with Matt, since he doesn’t wear his ring when he performs (Another point non-musicians may not understand…).  But quite honestly? I’ve never seen the appeal of taking someone home you’ve JUST MET.  They could be a psychopath. STD city. Impotent. You never know…

I’m getting off subject.   Back to the topic at hand, and away from the girl-y aspect of it…

Another downside, (Boy, I’m just FULL of those…) is that life .. pretty much revolves around the musicians schedule. Budget too.

I’m sure things get a little more hairy when kids are involved, but we aren’t at that point yet.  But things like band practice, show schedules, new instruments, strings, picks, maintenance, practice space fee, shows/sound checks, out-of-town shows (and the money needed to go to them), and countless other things, really can put a strain on things.

As much as it sucks, some of these things take priority over things that I’d rather put closer to the top of the priority list. Family events? Dinner with friends? Movie night?  All subject to practice/show schedules.

Budget wise, we’ve put off a Valentine’s Day to help with band expenses once… we’ve rearranged budgets countless times to accommodate new purchases and practice space fees. It’s surprisingly not as bad as you’d think.   The worst of it, honestly has been Matt’s personal purchases outside of the band..


No. I lied. There was that emergency bass and bass amp we had to buy.

God, that was a nightmare.  Especially since we’d had a good amount of purchases he’d made, and I wasn’t happy with it. Long story short, we’d talked about things, and it had been agreed that no major purchases would happen until after X date.

Naturally, Murphy’s Law occurred, and he had  to make a major purchase.  Trust that I was anything but happy… but after a few long conversations (and admittedly, a bit of a guilt trip on my part,) I agreed it was necessary.

There’s more negatives,  being alone at a concert while the husband’s off playing rock star, or entertaining yourself while the band’s out-of-town… but I’ve already typed 1500+ words about negatives. Enough is enough.

On a much happier note – knowing that someone you love has something in their life that they’re passionate about? That really can’t be beat, as sappy as it sounds.

As long as I’ve known Matt, he’s been involved in music – in some shape or form.  I’ve camped out on a pallet outside the studio door for late night writing/recording sessions. I’ve heard stuff he’s written, and things he’s produced for other bands.

But seeing him actually perform – and honestly, be quite good at it?  It’s insane. It’s hard to explain, but you can’t top seeing someone doing what they love, and having that radiate from them.  Unbeatable.

Free concerts are always a plus, too.  (What? You knew it was coming…) 

The people are great.  It’s an odd crowd, and not all of them are people I would have met of my own accord … but they’re a great group of people. Who thankfully, don’t mind having me around.

Another lopsided plus , is all the female attention. (What? Yup. I don’t claim to make sense.)   It’s a bit of an ego boost to see people ogling the person you’re going to take home. I can admit that.

OH, and the makeup.  Being a former drama kid, Matt’s no stranger to makeup – but I’d never been able to get him to wear any eyeliner or anything like that.   Until, he started playing with The Secret Post.

Now, well, the boy’s purchases rival mine. ($20 lipstick? Sephora, shame shame!)  But, as cliché as it is, I LOVE the eyeliner look on guys. The lipstick, I’m on the fence about. But eyeliner, yes please. 🙂

I’m really trying to rack my brain here.. I have a very antsy musician in the other room, sneaking peeks at me, waiting to read what I have written – I don’t want to disappoint!

It’s such an odd position to be in. I know a lot of wives can’t go  – or just don’t want – to attend shows, whether it be because of kids, or personal reasons… but I really enjoy going.  You learn a lot, whether you want to or not.  I’m somewhat proud to say I have a decent handle on how sound checks go, the load out process, and a good amount of gear terminology. I could very roughly explain booking/contracts, bits of the recording process, and I’m fairly certain I could point out when certain band members make mistakes.  Though, I’m still learning all The Secret Post songs. ( Don’t tell anyone, but I used to not care for the band. Matt liked them from the get-go though, and thankfully, before he joined, the songs started to grow on me.  Lord, life would be hell if I didn’t like the band….) 

It’ll be interesting to see if I can keep my mostly positive opinion, if things ever take off for the guys.  It’s exciting, and a touch terrifying, that they’ve been signed to the German label.   Realistically, nothing huge may ever happen.  But, it could mean touring more. Which, obviously not my favorite. I better pick up a hobby. 🙂   Touring more, means more fans. Meaning, more girls.  Also meaning, more recording. (Uh oh…)

ACK! It’s a vicious cycle – I can’t get away!!

All in all, it’s not bad.  I don’t think I’d trade it for anything. It sure makes things interesting.

But, to be candid, I am NOT looking forward to the next recording session.

I FINALLY got decorations up on the walls in my kitchen/living room area, thanks to my friend, Alisha. She graciously helped me do that, and a few other things the last time Matt was out-of-town, doing the rock star thing.   Unfortunately, they rattle .  So they all get to come down the next time he records.

Which, I’m sure you’ll all hear about, be it on Facebook, or here.  I’ll be grumping around about it, I’m sure.

Until he cuts off my internet for the recording session. that is. 😉


This Post Brought To You By The Letter M…

So. This is turning into a nasty habit.

Some people travel for conventions.   Some people follow rockstars around.  Others, travel for work….. Matt, travels to play shows.


I’m rapidly turning into that person – and my husband by proxy – who follows authors around.

It promotes reading… so.. it’s completely healthy, right?   (And I didn’t spend 75 dollars on books this trip… so I’m getting better… )

Ah well. Better or worse, I’m stuck.  There’s just something about a signed book – and being able to meet these people that have had an impact – no matter how small – on how you think. 🙂

The week before we were to go meet Tosca Lee drug on. Ridiculously long….. It absolutely refused to end!

Finally the week ended….  It was  Saturday! No work, and sleeping in here I come!

Haha. Nope. Just kidding. Not today!

Today, was the day that Tosca Lee was coming to Oklahoma City, to promote her latest book, Iscariot.

And, we were going. There wasn’t any question about it.  My husband is just amazing like that. Tour dates were announced, and we were going. Even if we had to go to Lincoln to make it,  we were going. 🙂

The bad news?  It started at 1 pm. Which, isn’t bad, if you live nearby.

We don’t, however.We’re a fair distance from Oklahoma City…..  Getting up early was going to be a necessity.

So, against everything that is good and holy, the alarm clock went off, 8 am sharp.

Me? Yeah. Tosca or no Tosca, I’m not feeling it.  I’m on day 3 of a wicked migraine, and I really just feel like curling into a ball, and sleeping.  (Surely Mardel wouldn’t be offended if I showed up all wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, right? I’ll be decent!)   Matt, is also exhausted, and a touch grumpy. He’d had a late night band practice the night before – and didn’t get in until midnight.  (Yes, I was up that late too. Not too smart, but, and ended up helping him bring his equipment inside. What can I say – I’m a sucker. )

Unfortunately, that just wasn’t in the cards today.   We were very leery of being late, since at the last signing we saw Tosca at, the line was forming 2 and a half hours in advance! So yes, we had to get up and work on getting out the door.

That… didn’t exactly go as planned.

First bad idea of the day? Putting two grown, cranky, sleep deprived adults in the same kitchen in the morning.  Hello, argument city!  Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad, and blessedly, didn’t set the tone for the day.      After a quick shower, fighting for mirror privileges, and locating the car charger  – we were off!


Quick run to QuikTrip for gas – and then the obligatory coffee run, and THEN, we headed for OKC, with Type O Negative blaring in the background.    Sadly, we left later than we wanted to. Not terribly later, but enough to where it put a slight damper on things.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a long drive, only 2 hours.  And, with the Map application on Matt’s phone – it was remarkably uneventful.  I think there was one place where we had to make a quick U-turn, but really, it was a breeze.

The signing started at 1, and we made it to Mardel around 11:30.  Not quite the 3 hour lead we had for the signing Tosca did with Ted Dekker earlier in the year, but hey. Looks like we’d have to take it, and make do.

Pulling in the parking lot, we’re greeted by this:

ImageBeing the tech-geeks we are, we whip out the phones ( Matt beat me to this one,) to snap a pic.  Said picture ends up being tweeted by Matt, and consequently re-tweeted by both Tosca and Mardel.  Pretty cool.  (I’m a nerd. These things make me happy.)

Going inside, we nodded at a few workers, and wandered aimlessly.

Ok. That’s a lie. There was nothing aimless about it.  We wanted to find where the signing would be – and I was praying that a bathroom would miraculously appear in front of me. I was desperate.

It didn’t take long to locate the table they had set up.


Surprisingly, there’s no one around.


There are some people milling about, but more near the front of the store.  Not really any back where we were.   So, we slid down against what I think was a help desk, and pulled out our books.

I’d brought Iscariot, (which I shamefully have to admit I hadn’t finished yet. I had made it a goal to finish before the signing!) and Matt had brought Live and Let Die, the James Bond book he’s currently reading. (YES, you read right. 🙂  He is getting back into fiction. So proud, and I couldn’t be happier.  Next stop, Iscariot! Then Black….)


After a bit, I start eyeballing people more than my book.  I spotted a couple of people toting around familiar Dekker books, and Iscariot, which made me smile. I was really hoping for a good turn out!

A few minutes later, one of the ladies I’d seen comes over and sits down with her daughter, who is carrying around Forbidden.  We chatted a bit – both of us were big Tosca/Ted fans, and had both expected a huge crowd, like at the LAST signing they did in OKC.   It was neat to get to chat with her, especially since at this point, Matt was super absorbed in the world of 007.  He’s very much like me in the aspect of – if he’s reading, Lord help the person who interrupts. It won’t be pretty….

A few more people started to filter in, but not many! I was honestly getting a little worried. Especially when it was 1:00, and there were only a few other people in line. How depressing that would be if that was all that showed up!

Tosca showed up around 1:15,  fashionably late — and rocking a OKC Thunder shirt. It was too cute.   Following her, was a good sized group of people. I guess they’d all been congregating near the door? How odd. But okay! People! That’s more like it! 🙂 Was very glad it ended up being a good turnout.

I was really impressed with how Tosca handled her signing.  I’ve seen pictures from the other cities on her Facebook – and one thing I noticed — she’s never at the table!  I wasn’t sure if maybe she didn’t have one, or there were a ton of people – or WHAT the deal was.

Well, I got my answer. 🙂

Right about the time I was expecting her to sit down behind the table, she walked over to Matt and I, and just started talking. After we told her our names, it clicked who we were, and how she knew us. And it just went from there.

I really loved and admired that she spent SO much time with us (and everyone else!)  I mean, we discussed what Matt and I did for a living – several rounds of hugs, and pictures all around. We talked about Matt getting back into fiction – we chattered a bit about what her next book is going to be about (I’ll never tell…), and then we got to signing books.

That, was the first time we even touched the table, honestly. Which, I really thought was unique. It’s not what I’d expect, to see someone up and about, interacting with everyone. But I loved it. It was really refreshing, and since the crowd was on the smaller side, she was able to spend a lot of time with each person. Sadly, that will probably not be the case when she tours with Dekker to promote Sovereign!

Since she’d asked him about his music over Twitter, Matt gave her one of The Secret Post’s CD’s, which she in turn took and showed off to everyone in line at the signing – and to those of us who joined her at Panera afterwards! It was the coolest thing. Made me smile.

After the signing, we left and headed for Cool Greens, a salad/sandwich place to eat.  Amy, one of my hydro moms had suggested it. The menu looked great, so we checked it out.   It wasn’t too hard to find, again, Matt’s iPhone saved the day.

They have sandwiches, salads, pizza, wraps, and soups.  We got salads – which they make in front of you, ala Subway.   They were amazing. Absolutely amazing.   So was the appetizer we got – this Mediterranean hummus/bread/Mediterranean relish .  Oh my goodness, it was so good. Worth the drive!

After lunch, we still had time to kill. So we hit up a nearby mall. While we were there, we saw a cupcake store.   But, they didn’t look as yummy as the ones at Lolli and Pop’s here. So we passed.

But, wait!

Lolli and Pop’s have a location in OKC!

Not…that I could remember which mall it was in. So, there goes that idea. Instead, we went on a mad dash through the mall. I was in search of a bathroom.  And for such a big mall, it took WAY too long to find one.

And when we did find it?  There was a line that…. well, I don’t have a good comparison. But it was WAY too long. And we were running late. We didn’t have time to wait.

But, as we searched for it, guess what we did find?


Sadly, they didn’t carry cupcakes. Probably because of the cupcake store we saw….

So, we looked around, and then we left.

Well, after I did this:  Image

Poor guy. He’s turned into my personal picture guinea pig.

I admit, I wanted to take a picture with him… but, I’m HORRIBLE at selfies. And employee’s kept walking by.  I don’t mind looking weird, but there’s a limit. Even for me – if you’d believe that….

Now when we left… .. here’s where the kink happened.

Okay. Not kink. Bad word choice. More like, the monkey wrench.  Fly in the ointment – pick your cliché, but here was trouble.

Though to be honest, the trouble started when Matt almost ran over an old lady in the mall parking lot, but I’m going to be a good wife and not blog about that… 

Matt’s phone, the one that was saving our you-know-whats by giving impeccable directions —– died.



Now… we’re left with my phone.

My not-so-smart phone.

It has NO available space. So, I’ve uninstalled every update I had on both Maps, and Navigator.

We’re basically up a creek without a paddle.

After some…. tense moments and some screeching on my part… we finally figured out where we were  – and were we needed to be. We were ten minutes late, but that was okay. No big deal.

Especially when we went inside, and no one was there yet.

Now, we were meeting Tosca, and a few of her fans at Panera.

No, not fans. Her luminaries. 

I’ve mentioned it a bit before on here, but I’ll explain again.

Tosca has, for lack of a better term, a street team that she’s started. Some of the people were personally invited by her, (as I was,) over Facebook or Twitter.  Others, she posted on her Facebook, inviting anyone interested to join.  The group is called the Midnight Garden, and it’s members, her Luminaries.

What’s the most cool about this arrangement, is that she pops in pretty much daily, and chats with people. Whether answering questions, asking questions, or pointing out certain things we can do to help.   Oh, and there’s bacon. And midnight dance parties. Zombie walks too, I kid you not.

Now, with every stop this tour, she’s gone out somewhere with the local Luminaries after the signing, and just spent some time talking and hanging out. I LOVE that. How many authors do you see doing that — let alone New York Times Bestselling authors?

None, that I know of. Then again… I don’t know many. 🙂

Eventually, we recognize some people from Mardel, chat a bit. and we find a table and stake out a spot.

I’m already pretty happy. I have a coffee drink in a porcelain mug with whipped cream and deliciously unhealthy sugary syrups drizzled over it. Now, we have our small group of 5 people, Tosca, and her escort for the day, Chris. (Who was SO nice. He works with her publisher, and basically, he’s who Tosca bribes to sell her book. 😉 )

It was beyond fun.

We sat and talked for about an hour. Part of it was random, but she started off by having everyone say how they ended up at the table, at that very moment… and one thing that no one knew about us.

Ohhhh, that game. I loathe that game! ACK!

But, I lived through it, and it did start some good conversations.  Everyone there seemed pretty cool – I was glad to meet them! Hopefully we’ll get to do it again. 🙂

We only got to chat for an hour – Tosca and Chris had dinner plans they had to get to. But it was a great experience.  Everyone was nice, down to earth, and chatty.

Honestly, I was afraid it’d be a group full of people who had egos, or had met Tosca a million times, or… I don’t know. I always expect the worst, I think. But, at least I’m always pleasantly surprised. 🙂

It does seem though, that most of the Luminaries are creative or very intelligent.  Lots of authors in this group.  The three people there besides Tosca, Chris , Matt and I? All three authors of some sort. It’s nuts.

Doesn’t help me much, it’s admittedly got me itching to write something.  The Project Pixie Dust scripts are fun, but it’s not completely cutting it.   I’ve got something started… but I don’t want to share details just yet. We’ll see though…

^ We were supposed to be contemplative.  I couldn’t think of a thing other than headdesking.  Ah well…

We’d planned on seeing A Good Day To Die Hard, but on the drive back to Owasso, we decided we were hungry. Dinner ranked more important than a movie. Even with John McClane, and lovely, awful, unhealthy nachos….

So, we went for sushi.

Ladies and gentlemen…. we were in and out of sushi train in 14 minutes.

FOURTEEN . This never happens!

Then, we headed for the mall. For MY Lolli and Pops. And the Disney Store… 

I ended up with these beauties:

Image The lighter pink frosting is champagne , (it was good, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the peanut butter cup one! Maybe it’s because it was the end of the day?)  The other one is strawberry, with fresh strawberries baked in.  I’m dying to try it! But, I’m making myself wait until tomorrow. 🙂

After that, we breezed through the Disney store. Almost bought a few coffee cups – and tried to leave with a Stitch plush, but in the end, refrained. 🙂

And now, we’re sitting at home – and Matt is patiently waiting for me to finish typing this blog , so he can read it.

It’s not finished yet, mind you. At the moment, I’m waiting on Tosca to post pictures from the signing/luminary meet up. So it’s not being posted when I finish writing it. But he’s demanding to read it. . . .

It’s like he doesn’t trust me. What does he think I’ll do? Wait two months to write a… .


Whoops.   Nope. I totally understand it now. 🙂

Anyway.  Good gracious, I’ve written a novel.  Sorry bout that.  It gets worse too – I still haven’t blogged about my thoughts on Iscariot. And oh boy, do I have them.  Lots of feels. And thoughts. And oh-my-god-why-did-this-book-make-me-cry’s.    If you haven’t read it… I really couldn’t suggest it enough!  It’s absolutely phenomenal.

Have any of you read it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Lack of Sleep, Lollie’s, and Luminaries…